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united we stand

Life President
Dec 4, 2008
A little bit of light relief . Our ticket system has one main purpose- how difficult can it be?

I am a season ticket holder and last week bought tickets for last night’s match for myself and two friends , also season ticket holders. I bought them on the phone and was told they would be posted to me. I wasn’t offered the option of putting the tickets on our season ticket cards and didn’t ask for it as didn’t know at the time it exists ( mistake number one- I won't bother counting any more- I haven't got the energy) . I’ll skip through the pain of the system not being able to find me for over 5 minutes -how difficult is it?

Yesterday morning I realised that I hadn’t received my tickets yet. So , what do you think happened next following a conversation with the ticket office:

1 They turned up when I got home from work - ?
2 The ticket office reprinted and left them at NE corner office (a pain as work means that we only get to the ground after 7.40 anyway so would miss KO)
3 The ticket office reprinted them and offered to send them to the West bank ticket office, which normally would be a helpful gesture, but last night there was a massive queue- no idea why - unless of course it’s because they did this for other people and didn’t staff for it.
4 They have no idea why I have not received paper tickets , but say they can put my ticket on my card, and leave the other two at the West stand ticket office. They can't explain why the system will not allow them to add the tickets to the cards for all three of us

and the winner is ......4 The most illogical answer

Without telling me , the ticket office had put my season ticket on my card and had sent my friends tickets directly to them -( remember they are season ticket holders as well.) They told me the tickets had been sent to ne, so I had no reason to check with friends. I didn’t know my friend had got his tickets as I expected them to be sent to me

We get to stadium see the queueat the West stand and think, sod it lets try and get in using the original tickets , so what happens next

1.Paper tickets do not work and season ticket works (which would be fair enough as ticket office has probably cancelled the original paper tickets)
2.Only paper tickets work and not my season ticket
3.Nothing works
Paper tickets do not work, my season ticket does not work, but one of my mates season tickets does!

and the winner is .....Of course option 3 the most illogical

In fairness the guy in the ticket office was very helpful when I called yesterday, and I like the gesture to leave the tickets at the West Stand office. The steward on the gate also applied common sense and let us all in , although I had no way of proving that I had paid for my ticket (I know they can check that retrospectfully)

But why does it have to be so difficult to simply buy a ticket to a home game ?