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Ow my god.......Just read reag through a thread on here

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Aberdeen Shrimper

Ow my god.......Just read through a thread on here

I am sitting here with my wife trying to explain the Thread "Boo Boys" She does not get it at all and frankly neither do I.

I tried to explain to her that Football is an emotive subject and that not only rival supporters fall out but also fellow supporters fall out.
But i was struggling to try and defend some of the pathetic mindless moronic posts that we both read tonight. She aptly said to me, "but didn't Southend win" I tried to explain again that yes we did and deep down all REAL Southend Supporters would be happy with that, but there are a few that just want to complain and moan about anything, unfortunately that is life.

From a personal point of view....if i was standing/sitting near anyone that i thought was unnecessarily abusing a Southend player I would have no problem walking up to them and saying to there faces EITHER SHUT THE FU*CK UP OR LACE UP YOUR BOOTS AND GET OUT THERE. I don’t give 2 shi*ts if they are in a group of 2 or 200, i have very very strong beliefs that i stand by with a passion and i believe sticking your head above the parapet enriches your life.

The concept of the Blue Voice is a fantastic idea, and i am personally 100% behind everything that they stand for. People like Smithy, Scott and Cricko and countless more who want to raise the profile for me are fantastic REAL Southend supporters but the knuckle dragging morons that skulk around at the back and pounce on the smallest indiscretions by a Southend Players should fu*ck of back to the playground, buy some potatoes, cut them in half, make some shapes and create some potato prints for your mum's and Dad's, that way your packed lunches for School on Monday might be really tasty.

I was particularly upset at the fall out between "J" and "Blutonic" 2 guys that are not backward in not coming forward and i have probably crossed swords with but to be honest i would stand strong next to both of them with out a shadow of doubt.

I have rambled far to much and will ferk off to bed now but i guess all I am saying is.............

Regardless of your views, or feelings, we are all Southend United Supporters, or am I wrong??? Or have i missed something........ Being away for the last 6 years?

If this is what it is like now at Roots Hall, and even though i really don’t like the Sweaties....I think i might just stay up here.

One last comment, no offence….but why is it that when a mod is not in agreement with a thred they just close it??? Just because folk fall out or disagree, that is not grounds for closing a thread. Sometimes Mods should just sit back and let the Zoners say what they want to say without being so heavily censored…..

After all, when push comes to shove, all this is….is a chat forum about a football club…not North Bloody Korea!!!!!!

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Just editing this post....how long will it be before this thread is closed!!!!!!
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