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Benfleet Blue

First XI
Jan 30, 2004
I've never heard such disrespect for the club. You want either the Sunderland job or to be in the England set up, so disrespectful. 2 years ago Lincoln City didn't want you !
Your aspirations cost us last year and is now starting even before the season begins.
How can you expect player loyalty or respect when all you publicly talk about is being somewhere else.
Far better to keep your mouth shut !
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united we stand

Life President⭐
Dec 4, 2008
There are two sides to this. He didn't have to do the interview in the first place and from a Southend perspective I wish he hadn't , but he is simply being honest. This is the best chance he is ever going to have of being in the England set up, and if his boyhood club went for him with no doubt a huge pay rise then why shouldn't he jump at the opportunity.? He clearly thinks talking to the media helps him achieve his goals so he is going to go that route. On a positive note Ron has shown that he is not going to role over.
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Bearded Shrimper

Well-known member
Sep 8, 2011
South London
nothing wrong with any of that for me. of course he wants to be involved higher up, who wouldn't? if he gets in a position to be considered for jobs higher up it means he's done well with us.

he was honest and i'd rather than than him pretending Southend is his dream job. it's not, it's his job and i hope he does it well


Jan 6, 2005
Having watched that clip you're all massively overreacting. All he really said was that he'd jump at the chance to manage England or Sunderland. Both are massive career progressions compared to managing our club.

Yes he does flirt a bit too much for my liking with certain vacancies that come up. But being realistic he's not gonna get offered anything beyond a bottom half Championship management role unless he has further success with us.

I'd also wager he probably knows that too.


Please please go now. I've never heard such disrespect for the club. You want either the Sunderland job or to be in the England set up you disrespectful egotistical idiot. 2 years ago Lincoln City didn't want you !

So to put it in perspective if you were manager at Canvey and your beloved Southend United job become on offer you wouldn't be interested I take it.


Life President
Oct 27, 2003
Old Leigh
Journeyman manager wants a high profile, well paying job at the Club he supports or in the National setup alongside his best mate?

This is an outrage. Why didn't we know he'd have morals like this when we lined him up for the job before the last manager was even sacked?
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Sleaford Shrimper

Grumpy Old Man
Sep 18, 2009
Most of the major daily newspapers are reporting that Sunderland are already in talks with David Moyes to take over from Allardyce.


First XI
Aug 6, 2010
It would hardly be surprising if Sam Allardyce wants Phil Brown to work with him if he gets the England job. Presumably, Southend would get compensation if that is the case.

I hope Phil stays. I think he could get us into the Championship, and I actually enjoy the fact he is an ambitious, hard-working manager who has given Southend a higher profile than it might otherwise have had.


Life President⭐
Oct 12, 2014
I'm impressed with the balanced views so far.

Of course sky would go straight to PB in these circumstances, he does work for them after all. He gives an honest answer, even when the presenter is being 'cheeky', which is why they have him on there in the first place.

Like many people my age, I have no interest in International football. The Euros was a 50 match bore fest and I only watched England to see if it could get any worse......It did.

So I agree with PB, there are no other candidates, so it should be Sam. Yes he will big his mate up and so he should. Like others have said he didn't disrespect SUFC in the process. He was speaking about a job with England not Col U.

Tampa Blue

Apr 14, 2007
Does anyone know for fact just how close friends PB and SA are?

After all we were over-run with loan players from West Ham whilst he was there.


Dec 14, 2011
Stop overreacting people , just because the truth hurts.
As was said , Southend is hardly any Managers dream job.
The same applies to players.
In fact , the more I think about it , it's not my dream job as a fan , but I'm stuck with it!


Mar 6, 2008
Surprised that Phil wasn't asked whether he thought that taking 12 points from his last 17 games might impact upon his ability to get a job with Bedlington Terriers let alone Sunderland or England.


Dec 13, 2007
I get the point of view made by this thread. But, he would be big SAMs assistant at best (how would that impact on us during international breaks if for example he did it Part Time) and also Moyes is the clear favourite with the bookies and fans for the Sunderland job. I wasn't overly impressed by the interview, but I doubt he will end up at either position. Just hope things get announced and sorted quickly to avoid another Bolton situ