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Premier League and European Prediction Leagues

Are you interested in Two new Prediction Leagues?

  • Yes -I might be interested in just a European PL

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


The PL League Boss⭐
Apr 28, 2006
PL Headquarters Hullbridge
First of all many thanks for the appreciation shown for the PL on another thread and clearly some really enjoy the prediction Leagues. It is very time consuming but I now have the best job in the world (retirement) so I have the time and when working statistics was always a big part of my day so the PL is ideal for me.

In retirement my wife says to me each evening (bless her) what match do you want to watch on TV and as I have BT Sports I watch a European match most nights and this made me start thinking.

I know this isn't for everyone but it might appeal to some, so have two new Prediction Leagues one just for the Premier League and One for European matches:

Premier League with matches played at various times over the weekend, predict 6 named matches with points and tables to be posted Monday nights.

European League with six named matches from German/Italian/Spanish/French Leagues etc with points and tables to be posted Wednesday/Thursday.

In both cases try and choose matches which are live on TV so that if you do watch the match there is a bit of extra interest but have them as a sub forum so they don't confuse the casual predictor.

So over to you do you think this is something that you might be interested in?

I have added a simple poll if more than 10 are interested I am quite happy to give it a trial at the start of next season

MK Shrimper

Aug 6, 2005
Crumbs Pete, aren't you already run ragged with the one you do?

Personally I have no interest in anything outside of SUFC so if you do, I'll give it a steer but I'm sure there'll be many who'll take you up on it.


May 19, 2008
Why not, if your happy to do it.
That should scare everybody else away with my track record this season.

Jedi Shrimper

formerly Drastic™
Jan 10, 2008
Up for any and all prediction leagues. That should encourage everybody else to take part, as there will be at least one person they'll beat!