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Life President
Oct 27, 2003

Robson has lost it. As much as I like Robbo, I do think at 70-odd you shouldnt be a manager as you cannot get intimate respect from your players. What I mean is you cannot have the close contact of training every day - I doubt he even takes the training sessions on a daily basis.

Full credit to Robbo for still going at this age, but its a fact of life that he isnt going to be as sharp as a 40-50 even 60 year old man. You can tell in his interviews that he isnt quite 'all there' and I think that the players have gradually lost respect for him as a human being. I mean he is old enough to be most of the players grandads! Thats why I think its bizarre with the choice of players he has brought over the last few years - Woodgate, Bowyer, Dyer, Bramble, Bellamy - all have attitude problems and face it, are they going to listen to a 70 year old?? I doubt it... I can imagine when Shearer goes - if he completely leaves the club - there would be anarchy in the dressing room!

The biggest problem for me tho with Newcastle and Robson is they are obviously a huge club and could easily replace Chelsea as the countries '3rd team' with the right circumstances - but not with Robson in charge. He has shown a complete failing of tactical and managerial awareness in recent months. Lee Bowyer was one of the countries best midfielders and partly thanks to West Ham and partly down to Robson, he is now no better than a bench warmer. Robsons choice of defense is baffling... they have a great forward line and one of the worst back 4's I've ever seen. O'Brien and Titus Bramble are shocking, Bernard is a decent full back and Carr is a step in the right direction - but overall it is abysmal. If you have a spare £25m to spend then build from the back...

Rooney would be a brilliant buy for anyone at any price and I fully understand Newcastles need to replace Shearer - with which Rooney is ideal, but Ossie Ardiles Spurs side in 94 showed that a great attack means nothing if you cannot stop leaking bad goals.

So for me - Robson out asap (and I think it will be before X-Mas) and I would not appoint Shearer yet either. Who to replace Robbo? Well, as I said, Newcastle are a top side and now have a great basis of a squad, though with no discipline. Jose Mourinio would have been ideal for Newcastle, but I guess the only obvious replacement is that old chessnut Martin O'Neill - hey, he's got to leave Celtic sometime!


Heard an interesting rumour that Shearer would go to Southampton as Player/Manager in exchange for Beattie and cash... prob wont happen now, but would be good...


Absolutely disgusting performace from Bill Kenwright - the outgoing Everton chairman. Has said today that 'we do not need to sell Rooney' (err, yea right £60m in debt) - and 'any decision is down to David Moyes'... If I was Moyes, that would be enough for me to walk - how can they put that pressure on him. Hopefully the fans will see through it and not turn on Moyes as its not his fault (the ginger to**er)...


Sorry, feel better now!

Vange Shrimper

Mrs Rock God
Oct 25, 2003
Calm down Paul!!

Robson is a very good manager, and i think Newcastle will get it right in the next couple of months. Doesnt matter how old the manager is, he has lots of experience. If the players aint going to play well, theres only one thing to do with them, get rid of them. He will still be in charge toward the end of the season, and i rekon Newcastle will get a European place.....


I [for my sins] have been a Newcastle supporter, for a number of years and in recent memory there have only been two managers, who have cut the mustard... Keegan & Robson!

I can't say I have ever liked Shepherd and am not therefore surprised that he let Sir Bobby go in such a manner... but football has the uncanny knack of slapping you in the face when you least expect it [on and off the pitch!], and let's not forget what Sir Bobby did for the club in the last 5 years! Champions League, UEFA Cup and FA Cup Finals...

Bless you Sir Bobby, for all your efforts and good luck in whatever you do next...