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First XI
Jul 28, 2014
Ilford exile, only minutes from Roots Hall' those
I popped down to the ground earlier today to buy my first ticket for Saturday's match.

My little reconnaissance consisted of a planned timed walk, door to door, to the West stand entrance in Shakespeare Drive (approx 8 and a half minutes) where I'll be in block U and also to look at the pubs etc...
Of course I then had to go back round to where I knew the ticket office was and noticed behind the away end on Fairfax Drive was quite a bit of space.

That got me thinking straight away - if only the club got someone in with the funds to buy out the van rental business behind the North stand and relocate them and the other firms there, they'd have some serious space to redevelop.... Then I came across the large car park by the East!!! Sure RH is prime 'estate' and highly attractive to property developers but as a football fan, I'd be frothing at the mouth at the potential of just how my ground could be redeveloped.

Some clubs would kill for that space which is already actually theirs.

The boy in the ticket office was a good lad with plenty of banter - he guessed I was West Ham and said with a smile, "I don't think you'll fill Stratford". :smile: - I agreed of course then started asking about redeveloping RH, what with the space just behind. I suppose redeveloping would be more costly, moving the pitch around maybe, or at least further away, plus all the day to day upheaval and effect on the team that comes with that.

I can't help but be traditional and a bit of a romantic with things like this - maybe it's because I know we're sadly leaving The Boleyn.. but surely given the choice, when push comes to shove, wouldn't you rather stay at Roots Hall, your home, your history? Majority of posts I've read on here shows an almost 100% sway to Fossetts.
I often feel though that when people talk of the club on it's knees and barely surviving, that saying leaving is the only option, is the typical scaremongering a chairman wants to portray to the masses, much how like a politician does, to suit their own agendas.

It's how Brady, Sullivan and Gold have sold the idea to West Ham fans, when in truth, all they have successfully done is hoodwink us, to meet their own ends, so come the time to sell, it'll be to a stinking rich oil billionaire who just wants a toy.

A good time for my 100th post :winking:... what are your views please. Apologies in advance if this is yet another regurgitation of 'the move', but sometimes it's good to get an outsider with a new / different perspective.

Clever of Sothend though (if they meant it) to site the ticket office within the club shop, at the back - so mugs like me can then have a browse and then buy something. I got both a raincoat and a pair of yellow shorts for a fiver in the sale. Bloke in there told me they were last season's GK shorts, which they've kept on display as they match the new away shirt. Why not eh? ....when there's a professional football club within 8 minutes walk away.
Looking forward to Saturday. :thumbsup: