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Junior Blues Coordinator⭐
Dec 27, 2007
Got this this morning, surprised not to see anyone else posted it while I've been at work today. Nice to see some recognition for the fans at Hull :clap:

Revelling In It

This week starring:

Simon ‘Swampy’ Francis
Lee ‘ASBO’ Sawyer
Alan ‘Play it cool’ McCormack
Lee ‘Porcelain’ Barnard

Last night was one of the most enjoyable games I’ve had the pleasure of playing in. It was a tremendous experience and personally it was great for me to be back in the starting line up and involved in the action.

I thought we matched Hull and thought that the 3-1 score line flattered them somewhat, especially if you look at the chances created. I thought but for the performance of Tony Warner in their goal we’d have certainly took them to extra time.

Hull are a decent side but we put up a great account of ourselves, and when they start bringing players on with the quality of Geovanni you know you’re making an impression on them. But for the final ten minutes when they upped the quality of their possession, you’d have struggled to notice the difference in divisions between the two.

On the pitch isn’t the only close comparison between the two Clubs and their rapid rise through the division is a fantastic example of what a team can achieve if everyone works together. Sure, they’ve invested a bit of money but a lot of their players are those who were there when they were in League One and it’s a fantastic testament to them and one we hope to emulate.

Yet again our fans were superb and they out sang their fans all night. I’d like to personally thank everyone for your support up there.

While I’m making special mentions I’d like to highlight the fantastic form that Swampy (Simon Francis) has been in so far this season. He seems to have the ability to cross the ball from everywhere on the pitch and this has been a key contributor to the increased number of chances we are creating. Further to this his engine is superb and he really is playing at the top of his game, alongside Franck Moussa at the minute, and I hope it can continue.

Despite the results on paper, we really are happy with the way that we’ve been playing, and again after drawing against Millwall last Friday we were not too despondent as we know everything will click at some point and we’ll really get going. You know what to expect against Millwall and they didn’t disappoint but despite the physical nature of their game, they are a very organised team. Because of this they’ll be up there again this season, so taking a point off them isn’t the end of the world, and sets it up for a nice return game later in the season.

ASBO Sawyer has come in for a bit of stick recently. Every Thursday we do our own version of the ‘crossbar challenge’ where you take it in turns to hit the bar from the edge of the area. Whoever comes last has to bring in biscuits for the lads, and Sawyer lost last week.

Only questionable thing with this is that when he came in he slammed a pack of Maryland cookies, custard crèmes and pink wafers on to the table, and when asked why they weren’t in a bag, or came with a receipt he was a little bit shady on the response!

So if you work for Costcutter in Croydon and you’ve been robbed recently I think I have some information for you – for a price mind!!

While I’m here I can also clear up the cause of Lee’s cracked rib injury. It’s not uncommon to get a few digs while playing in a game and is quite a common injury – but then I haven’t heard of a footballer getting a cracked rib while trying to mug an old lady outside Gala Bingo – he claims he was mugged by 40 people with knuckledusters but I’ve seen the CCTV footage and he was actually run over by a elderly lady in a motorised scooter!!

On the trip up to Hull, Blues Legend Frankie ‘Sinatra’ Banks joined us, and as such had to sing to the lads on the way up. We were pleasantly surprised with his rendition of ‘Peggy Sue’ which was that good it was a cross between Fergie and Jesus singing (good Stepbrothers film quote!!!), and had all the soft lads crying at the back (Matt Heath and Jean-Yves Mvoto – but don’t say it to his face!).

And yes, the Cabrones totally dominated the trip up as Swampy and Porcelain gave up after we reached the M25!!

The funniest moment of the trip was saved for Macca. He brought the entire Only Fools and Horses box-set with him to watch on the journey. Macca claims to be the biggest fan ever of the TV show and reckons he knows everything there is to know about them – not everything though as when we were leaving he asked in front of everyone which one from Del or Rodney was still alive – he’s clearly not a fan of A Touch Of Frost or After You’ve Gone - Macca you plonker!

Finally, and I know you’ve all been waiting for it, it’s the Dish Of The Week, this time from the Torreon Revell Cooking Club in Mexico:

‘Chicken Fajitas’ – I won’t lie to you, Old El Paso makes the nicest ones, there’s no better than their oven baked version, give it a try!

Take care and I’ll see you all soon.

Up the Blues!