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Roy Keane

Bearded Shrimper

Well-known member
Sep 8, 2011
South London
I know some people have called for Roy Keane to get the job here so I thought I'd share something from today's Times

Does angry Roy Keane think football owes him more?
Tony Cascarino

Roy Keane is turning football punditry into The Jeremy Kyle Show.

He has been a manager, is a qualified coach and a former Manchester United captain; yet in my view he’s not analysing the game, he’s not offering expert insight, he’s just ranting and raging about people.

I have said lots about Roy and don’t want to be seen to be sticking pins in him but after his latest outbursts — accusing Sir Alex Ferguson of nepotism and criticising Jonathan Walters, the former Ireland forward, again — I must question him.

He accused Ferguson of not putting Manchester United first because of the fact he picked his son Darren in the 1992-93 season. Yes, Darren was not good enough for United in the long term but he played a handful of games because Bryan Robson was injured. That’s not nepotism or preferential treatment, that’s just managing a squad.

His comments about Walters are pretty unsavoury, talking about him “crying on TV about his family situation” when Walters has talked openly about the death of his mother and brother. It just makes me wonder why Roy can’t show some compassion.

And to follow it up with a dig about Walters not having won much in football — where’s your humility, Roy? He has been a manager and coach at various clubs, if he is going around talking about how much he has won, he will lose the dressing room very quickly.

He has obviously been so critical of Mick McCarthy and they had their famous bust-up at the 2002 World Cup. I asked Roy once about why he had a problem with Mick and he said he thought Mick was a “phoney hardman”. There is nothing phoney about Mick. On my first international against Switzerland, I was getting a tough time from their defenders when I was only a young lad but Mick was right there backing me up all game.

I just feel like he’s going for everyone. Maybe he doesn’t feel worthy enough; he’s been a big name in the game for a long time but his chance to become a successful manager seems to have gone. He rates Brian Clough as the best manager he played for (even though Nottingham Forest were relegated under Clough when Roy was there) but Roy will never match Cloughie as a manager now. I can’t believe many owners or chairmen would want to hire him.

He is so angry but I don’t know whether it’s about Ferguson or Walters or anyone else — I just wonder if Roy is angry at football. He has been so successful, won nearly every club trophy there is, but maybe he feels the game owes him more somehow.

I wonder why he has not been critical of me. We played together for Ireland for eight years. Roy talks about players being unprofessional but he is up there with one of the most unprofessional players I know.

It all makes me question where Roy is heading. I would love to sit down with him, on his version of The Jeremy Kyle Show, and discuss things with him, try to work out why he acts as he does. He has his fans and was a great player but his rants and feuds are beginning to overshadow everything else.