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Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 0-1 Morecambe


Blue tinted optimist⭐
Oct 28, 2003
Cloud cuckoo land
A wretched game to end a wretched season. Thank God for Wembley.

Should have won at a canter today, Morecambe just weren't at the races until we gifted them a goal. Then it was pretty much even. Sorry, when I say even, I mean as boring as hell.

I cannot remember a single game where we have made so many unforced errors of a basic nature that you wouldn't expect from an 11 year old. Dire, dire, dire. I have never been so pleased to see a season end and am thankful that we're done earlier than usual.

What worries me is that we do have some decent players. Some of the away performances (plus the 2 at home v Rochdale and Chesterfield) were superb. Therefore the change in manager has NOT enabled these players to perform at the Hall, which is what we need. Our away form is automatic promotion standard. We should have absolutely walked this league and we haven't... by some considerable distance.

Ratings -

Smith - 7 - interesting change in distribution style, much better. Can't see how he can be at fault for the goal.

Clohessy - 5 - Oh dear Sean. That's not the first time that's happened this season, either.
Straker - 4 - Bloody hell, the decision making and execution of those decisions were by and large dreadful. I don't think he's usually as bad as everyone makes out but today he was.
Cresswell - 7 - Did ok... hasn't been the same player since he got sent off at Accrington though.
Prosser - 5 - Not one of his best games as centre half.

Hurst - 6 - Didn't do a great deal, corners poor.
Leonard - 8 - MOM - Really solid game, settling nicely into a CM role
Lund - 7.5 - One of his best performances since coming here

Eastwood - 5 - Disappeared after the first 10 minutes
Corr - 6 - Missed two chances he would have normally scored
Tomlin - 6 - Poor start and didn't look like the player he was before his injury

Subs -

Assombalonga - 7 - Did his best with little support
Pinnock - 5 - Sorry Mitch, looked a bit lost out there and the last minute corner was useless
Njie - 6 - Hardly touched the ball

Ref - 6 - Fussy but we've had worse. We can't keep blaming officials.
Apr 13, 2013
Worst game I've seen in a long time, I for one was uncomfortable with the sarcastic singing towards straker! I feel it was very unfair on him as he wasnt too bad at all! Excited to see Mitch pinnock get on, showed good pace and a few glimpses of his wonderful left foot UTB!


Aug 17, 2005
Worst game I've seen in a long time, I for one was uncomfortable with the sarcastic singing towards straker! I feel it was very unfair on him as he wasnt too bad at all! Excited to see Mitch pinnock get on, showed good pace and a few glimpses of his wonderful left foot UTB!

I agree with the singing being unfair but disagree with with him not being too bad. It took him 25 mins to pass to a Blue shirt and his positioning meant Prosser was pulled out of position a lot, making Prosser look a lot worse yesterday than he was.

Supa Shrimpa

Jan 19, 2009
End of season dross. With that strike force we should have ripped Morecombe to shreads, but we just never got going.

Smith - 6 Ok. Distribution was better
Clohessy - 5 Bad mistake that cost us the game. 4-3-3 just doesn't suit him. Has no covering midfielder, so looks wary of going forward.
Cresswell - 7 MOTM Good game. Solid
Prosser - 6 Good in the air, but game the ball away too many times
Straker - 5.5 Tried hard, but gave the ball away too much. Needs to slow down and do the simple things right (* see below).
Leonard - 7 Decent game. Does the basics right. Seems a good pro (my vote for RB if Sean goes)
Lund - 7 Did well. Broke up play well
Hurst - 6 Was he playing ?
Eastwood - 7 Lost pace but played some lovely passes through their defence. Came off too early IMO
Corr - 6 Average
Tomlin - 6 Ok
Britt 7 Looked lively and willing to impress
Pinnock 7 Looks a tidy player. Great to see the youths out there
Njie 6 Looks a strong lad. Like to see some more of him

* Straker. Rightly or Wrongly, the spotlight was on him in the 2nd half. He had the opportunity yesterday to make himself a cult hero ,and to be fair, he got better as his every move was analysed. I would rather players have tongue in cheek support that verbal abuse anytime. I hope he takes it in the manner it was intended.

Harry Bullocks

Aug 7, 2009
Exile in Hampshire
Unfortunately Mr Straker......you are the current holder of "it's your turn to be ridiculed and abused"..

Here at Southend, unless we are winning, top of the league, thoroughly entertaining (most unlikely recently).....we can be quite a cynical bunch, (ask Mr Smith).
Suggest you have a chat with him, he appears to have the skin of a rhino - one of the qualities expected of all Southend players that isn't written into the contract when you join.


Dec 31, 2007
Bored and cold throughout today and if I am brutally honest am glad we have come to the close season as if it had continued for another couple of weeks I think I may have lost the will to live. Over the last few games the football has been nothing of entertaiment or value for money and never have I seen so many empty seats at a final game at Roots Hall

This ^^ plus... I left early for the 1st time this season (80th minute). Just could not bring myself to thank the players or the club for the pile of non performances, crap, bullsh!te, lies and disreagard for us fans that was this season.

It is only for my love of SUFC that I renewed my season card for 2013 - 2014 my 20th year in a row, but I am really questioning myself why I did it at the mo.

Next season is make or break for me, I am not a glory hunter, I don't mind seeing the team lose - provided they play their hearts out for me and show some effort, in the same way as I show effort and contribute my hard earned ackers towards them via my season card.