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Life President
Jun 16, 2008
The death knell of Spanish Football as we know it is sounding. The rampaging bulls of Barcelona are over-taking the now wounded lion of Madrid in an attempt to show dominance not just in Spain, but in Europe as well. With the capture of David Villa for around £34.2million the sands of power are moving across Europe and settling nicely in Spain giving power to a different base and creating a league to be feared which will be ever-present over the coming years and see an era of grace, virtuoso and success. Or will it?

With the English game still suffering the effects of a recession, as evident during the January transfer window in which the English Premier League only spent £30million on players compared to the £170million the previous season. This shows that clubs aren't able to spend as freely as they were able to in the previous season. Spain followed suit in the winter but with Barcelona and Real Madrid still in the Champions League and Valencia still in the Europa League there was little need for recruitments other than at clubs such as Tenerife, Xerez and Valladolid. The summer months tell a different story for Spain.

This summers transfer window has begun with a bang with the aforementioned sale of David Villa. Spain has become accustomed to extortionate fee's and is used to getting what they want when it comes to the World's best. Last year we saw Real spunk £80million on Ronaldo and over £50million on Kaka. Two of the World's best midfielders in an attempt to reform the galacticos that Perez is determined to build and mold into his own creation. It's not just Real Madrid that are doing this though, Barcelona are now following suit and following the capture of Ibrahimovic are beginning to spend freely. If they capture Fabregas then they will have spent over £70million on two players, something that would be unheard of for one club in England.

This simply shows a business model that cannot surely work in any environment and when you see that the Spanish League is reportedly full with £3.5bn of debt, you see that they are eating away at their own club in the hope of glory. Sure, Barcelona might have made a profit last year, Madrid too, but when you see the level of debts you struggle to understand how they can sit holding that debt without seemingly have a regard to paying it off.

One final point is the story of Valencia, Deportivo and countless others that have fallen from grace. Valencia and Deportivo la Coruna used to be seen in the top four during the early years of the 00's. In fact, in the 2003/4 season Valencia won the league with La Coruna in 3rd. These clubs however are now feeling the pain of debt that they accumulated to get their. High wages and clubs risking everything on that one jaunt in the Champions League or to win the league prove costly and it's something that could happen to Barcelona and Real Madrid should the banks get fed up with their borrowing and demand the money back.

Should this happen, it'll set a wheel spinning and all money owed in loans to banks will be immediately demanded causing a whole sale of the World's best that they spent so long to build, leaving the Spanish League whimpering, floundering in a mire of troubles. England could go the same way, there is debt here, but Spain are an interesting case in that seem insistent on following one path, which could destroy Spanish football as we know it.


A little blog piece i've been meaning to do. I'm not the best when it comes to doing it, far from it but it'd be nice to receive some feedback. Thanks guys/gals.