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Steve Tilson


Life President
Oct 27, 2003
I've just got back home and I am still so angry at today's performance - I've spent a good hour and half discussing the Tilson situation with my mate who, like me, has been going to Southend since the early/mid 80's, so this is not someone who has jumped on the recent bandwagon.

I'm amazed to come back here and not see more vitriol. I'm also not at all surprised to read Tilly banging on AGAIN about bad luck, we were the better team etc.

I'm saying the position of manager of Southend has GOT to be up for discussion in the boardroom - even at a tentative stage.

Personally, in my opinion, its time for a change (for what its worth, my mate says stick for now, but he appreciates the arguments I have put forward).

That performance today smacked of a lack of any ideas, any passion and its my belief that Tilson has run out of ideas and the players know it.

Francis is AWFUL and I sincerely hope I never see him in a Blue shirt again - thats the final straw and its been coming for months. What on earth was the point of playing him wide right - I saw NO tactical benefit whatsoever, its not as if he was in to double up on Johnson with Sankofa as that never happened (Johnson wasnt really the threat either).

McCormack is a shadow of his former self and too many players in our side are playing below par as they know they are almost undroppable. The 1st goal was a joke piece of 'marking' by Barret. One bit of movement from O'Hanlon and Barret has lost his man completely - very poor.

I love Tilson and what we have achieved over the years has been superb and will never be forgotton, but there does come a point when the players stop listening, get complacent, or just the management run out of ideas and for me, that time has come.

I still believe this squad - even without the loan players - is in a false position and could perform so much better. Perhaps we aren't getting the best of luck at the moment, but that always happens to managers.

There will be the usual split of people on SZ now arguing this over - 90% in favour of Tilly no doubt - but I'm prepared to debate this out sensibly. If you believe he should stay, state a case and lets hammer it out.

I'm not prepared to keep shelling time and money out to watch ***** like that when I dont believe Tilson can turn it around.