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Strip club scam


Jan 6, 2005
Alright guys, this is a random one to post on Shrimperzone but its kinda a word of warning/ a please for advice.

On Saturday night I met up with an old mate I met travelling a couple of years ago. I live in London now so we met near Leicester Square for a few beers, watched the Arsenal game and then went on to another bar to meet some girls we knew.

The girls weren't on a heavy one so left after an hour or so and as it was just the two of us we hit the bar pretty hard.

An hour or so later we find ourselves in a stripclub and by this point I'm absolutely hammered. My only real memories of my hours in the club are of spending a bizarrely long time with one of the girls. Rather than having constant dances she was hanging round with me for most of the night and I can remember her being really flirty and giving me a couple of dances even though I said I had no cash.

I can remember not spending much time with my mate whilst we were in there and vaguely remember a bit of an argument between my mate and the girl I was with.

Sunday morning I wake up with a cut across my nose and the contents of my wallet all over the place. I put this down to how drunk I was and tell myself to calm down a bit.

The next day I am checking my bank balance online and I'm around £1000 out of pocket. At this moment my jaw hit the floor and I'm wondering what the hell has happened. I couldnt find out where the money has gone as the debit had not been processed so I had to wait another day. It turns out that I made 5 transactions which amounted to around £1000 that night whilst in the club in question.

I'd like to say at this point that I don't really go to these type of places often and if I did I'd spend at most £50. After doing a bit of research on their website it appears they do a service called table company for £250 an hour. I'm now guessing one of the girls sat down next to me n started being a bit flirty n in my drunken stupor I just went along with it. However at no point was I aware of the extortionate fee and I'm assuming I kicked off when I found out which is why I had the injuries I did.

My bank are obviously not interested in treating this as fraud as all transactions were pin verified and a copper I know says the old bill wont do anything.

If I'd had 3 hours of dances n such then I couldnt really complain as however drunk you get you would realise this isn't free. But for a girl to sit down and be a bit flirty with you and then make out she's giving you dances for free and then charge through the nose for is surely criminal?

Please take what I've said as a warning but any advice is also welcome?!