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Sep 25, 2008
Our current financial plight has highlighted a big flaw in the transfer deadline system.

We are absolutely skint + are in deep deep trouble as we all know ... Surely we should be able to sell our assets in order to stave off administration / liquidation / generally being in the brown sticky stuff...

But of course because the league wont allow us to sell any of our players until January at the earliest ,, we are stuffed .

Lets face it , if we could suddenly sell say Macca for £300k + Barny for £400k ...job done , end of immediate problem. ( ok we wouldnt like it as they are great players but we need to surivive here )

So instead of this the league sit back + watch us + other teams suffer while the players ( the clubs only real assets these days ) values depreciate + run their contracts down ( ala peter clarke) .

Right now while Barny is on fire + top of the goal scoring charts other clubs would be desperate to sign him ... come january or end of season when we are in administration other clubs will rape us as everyone will know how skint we are.

Remember how Vic Jobson got in Barry Fry who then raped the very heart from his old club vulnerable Barnet ? i think we got Hunt , Bodley, Payne , Harding , Bull , + probably others for nothing as they were in deep trouble . This could happen to us. What goes around comes around i guess.

So come on football league , get rid of the transfer window for non prem clubs or cut us some slack when we cant do anything about our debts !!!!!!!



Moderator of Moderators
Sep 22, 2005
Southend On Sea
Great post .. however football in this country is run by UEFA who don't give a flying **** about anything but the CL and top divisions

Yorkshire Blue

Super Moderator⭐
Staff member
Oct 27, 2003
You make some good points, but it's not the Football League's fault. They opposed the transfer window but it was imposed on them by UEFA. They've even gone as far as to allow emergency loans to get round it.

Also, Barnard has minimal value because he is out of contract in the summer. Grant and Moussa would probably fetch the most in a fire sale.