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Supporting SUFC
Jun 16, 2004
Southend on Sea

Recent events such as the Moody Blues campaign in August run as a tribute to our record appearances holder Alan Moody, and the visits to Roots Hall in 2017 of a number of ex-players such as Derek Spence, Keith Mercer and Billy Best, have highlighted the value of staying in touch and have all been occasions to remember.

With this in mind and we are excited to announce that we are setting up a Southend United Ex-Players Association (SUEPA).

The aims of SUEPA are:

• To help rekindle player relationships by putting ex-players in touch with each other
• On occasion and where possible, to help ex-players facing difficulties
• To celebrate past achievements
• To hold events from time to time
• Help promote a positive image for the club
• Allow fans to meet their former heroes when appropriate

We want to keep it simple, so envisage sending out a Newsletter to ex-players every four months or so accompanied by a list of players names ‘signed up’ to SUEPA. Then, if say ex-player A saw ex-player B on the list that they would like to get in touch with we would pass on ex-player A’s contact details to B for B to then get in touch with A if they wanted to. That way no one gets bothered by someone they might prefer not to hear from!

We are delighted that Adam Barrett has agreed to be SUEPA President. We also have the full support of the football club.

SUEPA will be administered by the Shrimpers Trust, with one of our members, Andy Leeder (Suffolk Shrimper here on the Zone), currently doing the day-to-day work on it and being fully accountable to the Trust’s committee. Costs (not expected to be high) will be borne initially by the Shrimpers Trust.

The data we will hold for SUEPA purposes, subject to each ex-player’s agreement, is simply their name, dates at the club, their telephone number, email and postal address.

All ex-players (even if they never made it to the first team, e.g. for those of you with longer memories, Tony Currie!) and previous coaching staff can join. There will not be any membership fee.

Our aim is to get an initial database of at least 50 ex-players and then issue them a Newsletter in February with the possibility of holding an event towards the end of the current season.

Whilst we have a number of ex-players we have contact details for and will be getting in touch with in the next couple of weeks, we would like to get as many as we can at this initial stage and then build from there – there is an ever-growing potential membership! So, if you are in contact with any eligible SUEPA person, could you please consider either:

1. Asking them if they would like to join and let us know (we will then contact them to verify) – we have a crib note for you to use for making contact if you wish, or

2. Provide us with their contact details and we will then get in touch with them.

For all SUEPA queries please use the following email address: suepassoc@gmail.com Or, if you prefer, send a private message to The Shrimpers Trust on Shrimperzone or use any of the other ways of getting in touch with The Shrimpers Trust.

This is an initiative that we believe will be great news for the club and its fans as well as the ex-players and coaching staff. We will keep you informed on its progress and hope you will give it your support.

ex-players (med) v2.jpg