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SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame

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Yorkshire Blue

Super Moderator
Staff member
Oct 27, 2003
Chris Powell December 2008 65 votes to 0 100% ELECTED UNANIMOUSLY

Sid Broomfield December 2008 41 votes to 1 - 97.6% ELECTED

Ronnie Pountney January 2009 22 votes to 1

Stan Collymore February 2009 101 votes to 4 ELECTED

Ronnie Pountney (2nd vote) February 2009 46 votes to 5 ELECTED

Oliver Trigg March 2009 44 votes to 0 100% ELECTED UNANIMOUSLY

Frank Gill February 2009 31 votes to 2 - 93.9% ELECTED

Billy Best March 2009 42 votes to 1 - 97.7% ELECTED

David Webb March 2009 59 votes to 1 - 98.3% ELECTED

David Crown March 2009 30 votes to 29 - 50.8%

Ricky Otto April 2009 45 votes to 40 - 50.6%

Alan Moody April 2009 56 votes to 1 - 98.2% ELECTED

Paul Sansome April 2009 39 votes to 11 - 78.0%

Paul Clark May 2009 84 votes to 10 - 89.5%

Dave Smith May 2009 34 votes to 3 - 91.9% ELECTED

Paul Clark (2nd vote) June 2009 - 82 votes to 8 - 91.1% ELECTED

Spencer Prior June 2009 - 50 votes to 5 - 90.9% ELECTED

Ian Benjamin September 2010 46 votes to 12 79.3%

Freddy Eastwood - November 2011 - 150 votes to 6 - 96.2% ELECTED

Mark Gower - November 2017 - 84 votes to 46 - 64.6%

Steve Tilson - May 2020 - 70 votes to 0 - 100% ELECTED UNANIMOUSLY

Mere longevity should not be sufficient to gain entrance, instead it should be limited to those who made a substantial impact, displayed greatness and left a legacy. Honours achieved during their stay should be adduced in a candidate's favour, as should their subsequent career if they were remembered as a Southend graduate. The only rule will be that they have to have left the club at least two years ago.

The way this will work is that every so often I will open a thread asking for nominations. SZ posters can nominate only one individual per round of nominations, so you'll need to think carefully over who you want to propose.

Whoever has received the most nominations shall go forward to a ballot. An individual (it doesn't have to be a player, we can nominate chairmen, managers, groundstaff, anyone who has been one of the key dozen or so figures in Southend United's history) will have to have received at least 5 nominations though. Candidates will then have to receive 90% of the votes and at least 30 votes to be inducted into the SZ Southend United Hall Of Fame. In case of any disputes my decision shall be final.
Not open for further replies.