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The Blue Voice - Some Facts

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SZ Drinking Champion
Oct 27, 2003
The North Bank
Right, first of all many thanks for all the bitchy comments, to say I'm a little ****ed off right now is an understatement. All these negative statements regarding TBV I take as a personal insult, so If anyone else wants a pop please do so via PM.

Now for the facts.

The Blue Voice is not an organised group yet.

We do not have a membership scheme or a code of conduct as yet.

We do not have our own dedicated section at RH.

The drums and flags are situated in the West by default (we cannot go elsewhere as we cannot upset STH's) rather than out of choice and believe me after tonight we need to shift the drums/flags elsewhere more than ever.

We are small group of committee members trying to do some ****ing good for this club and we are trying to encourage people to follow the same line of support. But there will always be individuals who do not agree with our principals, we cannot change that, we can encourage them to change, but we cannot make them.

When we get to Fossetts Farm and when we have our own dedicated section, people have the right to have a pop if the support is of a negative nature. If this proves to be the case then your right, The Blue Voice should be disbanded.

Until then, do not tar the committee members and the loyal group of followers that we have built up, with the same brush. There is a small group of sheep in certain sections of the west who will sing **** just because they think its funny and makes them look hard. I can assure you that TBV is totally against this and we do what we can to counteract this. For instance this evening I myself took the drums and tried to drum and chant over the top of any negative chanting, I really dont know what more we can do than that at the moment.

Until we have our own section at FF, we will do all we can to improve the atmosphere at RH. But as you can see we are fighting against our own here and its proving a struggle. We need your help for crying out loud.

Dont have a pop at what we are trying to do here, get involved and help make it happen.

Judge us at FF, when we WILL have our own section. Until then keep your opinions to yourselves, appreciate what we are doing here and get involved with it.

Please dont slate TBV when you do not even have the right to do so yet.

The Blue Voice is a long term plan and when we get to FF you will all see the benefits, believe me.

And to all the little ***** trying to undo all the hard work we have put in, get out and stay out, you are not welcome.

And to all those who doubt that TBV will be a success, I say bring it on, its going to take more than a few snidey remarks to make us give up.

We WILL be a success, maybe not so much at RH but certainly at FF.

We WILL NOT stop because of a small minority who are intent on just being negative. We want to grow big enough so we can outsing these morons, but until we ALL group together in our own section and have everyone lending there support, it will be difficult.

BUT as already mentioned, we are in this for the long haul. Giving up is not an option.


A very ****ed off but forever battling,

Smiffy (TBV Chairman)
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