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Jul 9, 2011
Some of you may well have seen this, but I thought it worthy of discussion and apologies in advance for length !!

Apparently one of the favourite current reads amongst leading International coaches ( across all sports ) is " The Captains Class". It was even acknowledged by Southgate in influencing his choice of Eric Dier as Captain against Germany. The book and extensive research involved was about finding the key component that sustained and made teams great, by examining the best teams in history. The unusual finding is that tactics, fitness, coaching etc for all their importance, are not as critical as Captaincy, if you want your team to be great and sustain it for any length of time !

Great eras time and time again were found to revolve around TOWERING captains, although the expected CHARACTER TRAITS of the best were sometimes unexpected. Exploring hundreds of sports teams throughout history the writer ( a sportsman himself ) concluded Captaincy is the first and most significant step in creating a culture that sustains success. He concluded that Englands problem is the propensity to always end up with one of 2 models, either the tough guy John Terry type or the so called star player ( Rooney )
The Captain though should be able to lead the players every hour, every day, taking responsibility for every problem that comes along and doing all the thankless group tasks

The key QUALITIES were found to be....

1. RELENTLESS in their effort regardless of match or situation2
2. SACRIFICING ..like playing in any position.
3 APPROACHABLE .. can reach?be approached by any player through good communication ( not just tub thumping )
4. HUMBLE unpretentious , not needy of praise
5. POSSESS EMOTIONAL CONTROL Not lose it on or off the pitch, but still able to stand up for the team, never doing ANYTHING to harm the team
6. A CERTAIN INDEPENDENCE..Willing to push back, challenge the coach , Manager, Owner appropriately where necessary, without looking for a row
Apparently Eric Dier fits the bill

Do we have any one close? Who would you rate now fits the bill, or in the past> Do you think this is all codswallop and the findings cant be true that Captaincy outweighs coaching in terms of likely success ?

Told you it was long ! Over to you [/SUP]