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Zone Owner ⭐
Staff member
Oct 25, 2006
The Dream is over I am afraid. We are now heading back to the bottom basement of the FL and there is blame to dish out.Having supported this club for over 40 years we are back where maybe some will say we belong but I feel we do not. This time around it was different we were led to believe. Nobody had more faith in RM than me but unless he is Peter Pan we are doomed.

I cannot for the life of me see how we can progress in league 2 after the playing side has been ripped to bits these past few years on the basis all will be OK when we get a new ground.Everything has been targeted on that with little thought to the day to day running of SUFC and paying players and supporting the manager and staff for one.I am sure they do there best under the circumstances as does Tilly, but let us be honest here we have been shafted with a pipe dream that in all reality may never happen now.

For sure we have never made a profit for years and we have paid out big money for players that Tilly maybe asked for but could never get them to fit in.It alarms me when I see Paynter and Hooper doing so well elsewhere. I guess I always thought Tilly had no idea about strikers and just got lucky with Eastwood and Barnard.

RM for all his positive ideas and dreams has never had the monies to fulfil this dream...I know the recession has not helped but the recent news that all is not well with properties he has to purchase to satisfy Sainsbury's does not help.I know for a fact he is not anywhere near to resolving the purchase of the shops/flats and has had derisory offers turned down.

I cannot blame him for spinning everybody a few lines to keep the peace..that is business..Has he lied to me personally ..yes on several occasions and he can quite freely take me to court on that as I have the emails.We now have the small problem with HMRC in a week or so when we need to find 400k to satisfy them.Our players are still not being paid, he does owe several others monies whatever he says. I like the man for his dream , nobody can doubt his effort for his long term plan, sometimes there are hurdles in life you just cannot jump and maybe if his ego was not so big he would ask for assistance from outside where there is obviously other SUFC supporters that are wiling to help..The Trust have done there best with the loan...you maybe can dispute their morals over it but their heart is in our CLUB.

Nothing is ever crystal clear and maybe one of Ron's faults was trying to be to supporters when he did not know the future but tried to pacify most of us..I for one as I have said brought into this dream ..nothing would make me happier than to see us in a new ground with some basic future secured...The fans all through this have been fantastic..we have a great supporters base and all deserve SUFC to succeed.

The momentum we had a few years back on an upward spiral has been shot to flames over a dream of a future unknown..This makes me sad and I can only hope that their is some rabbit hidden in some hat somewhere that will prove me wrong.We need a miracle.

SUFC always in my heart.