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Zone Owner
Staff member
Oct 25, 2006
Taken from: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Naked-Truth-CameronIs-he-the-worst-prime-minister-in-British-history/349274725156523

How close was David Cameron to having a week that was not a total disaster for himself or the government.
I really thought he was going to make it by Thursday,But then he could just not resist opening his mouth for longer than 22.5 seconds and as always with David if that happens the lies just come flooding out.

The Government obviously had a plan this week to stay out of the news and off the front pages and give themselves all some rest bite from looking stupid.They needed someone or something that was more daft than Boris Johnson and more pleasing on the eye than watching Cameron standing in a puddle of his own sweat, and so the call was made and Justin Bieber flew into town.

Justin's mission should he except it,was to switch the media spot light off the Government and on to himself.

He started well by being so late for his own concert that the original fans had grown up and given their concert tickets to their own children.
The British press went Berber mad and the rest of the world could get away with what ever they liked because every British press camera was now pointing at Justin Biebers hotel room,as all the country held its breath and waited to see whether the lazy pubescent teenager was ever going to get out of bed and go and sing at his own concert !! to be fair most of the country was hoping he would stay in bed.

Even North Korea took full advantage of the British Bieber situation and threatened to Nuke the old enemy America, telling them ''We shall strike first'' the only problem with that bold statement was that N.Korea's longest range missile only has a range of around 800 miles and that has taken them over 50 years to even get the dam thing to fly that far,and as those American Dogs live over 6000 miles away there could be a technical hitch to that threat.

Meanwhile back at home George Osborne had slipped out the country ( while everyone was STILL waiting at the 02 arena to sing along to ''Baby'' ) On a tax funded private plane to actually put in a full days work and argue with the EU on behalf of the people of this country !!! all 50 odd of them who were the Bankers and their Million odd pounds bonuses they were still collecting for helping to bankrupt their own banks and put us and the country in debt.

George was fired up for the meeting and all he had to do was to persuade the other 26 EU finance Ministers to votes against capping the Tory donating Bankers Bonuses and for that he would rely on his respected economic genius, and his charm and wit, to bring them round to his way of thinking.
So George spent three hours before the vote working the room and working his magic on them and I have to say George only just lost the vote by 26-1,the one being himself.So George jumped back on his private plane cursing those horse eating bloody foreigners and came home.

As the news began to filter out about George and his unsuccessful trip to Brussels, it looked like the Governments plan to have a disaster free week from the front pages of the press was under a real threat BUT Justin Berber was a boy of his word and he was determined to keep hopeless George off the front pages of the British press, and so he did the only thing that could stop that !! He fainted on stage,Yes Justin went down quicker than George Michael on a policeman in a public toilet.

As Justin was taken to hospital for a check up, the Queen and her dodgy stomach and pebble dashed Royal toilet was yesterdays news,the Berber had fainted and that was all that matters now,we have loads of Royal family and if the Queen should bow out after a late night dodgy pork pie then that's life BUT there was only one Berber in the world,and so once again the British press descended to the London hospital as the country sat in silent vigil and prayed that the man child would not pull through SORRY I meant pull through dam predictive text.

The country did not have to wait long as the Berber tweeted a photo of himself half naked and smiling like a cocaine snorting lunatic on his hospital death bed. UKIP were beside themselves with rage as yet another bloody immigrant had rocked up to the UK to use its NHS,but the rest of the country breathed a sigh of relief that the Berber was alive and kicking and the country forgot all about George and the embarrassment of Brussels, mission accomplished Justin Berber.

So the Tories had nearly made it !! a whole week with out a front page disaster all they had to do was see out Thursday, and all that was happening that day would be David Cameron walking round a factory smirking at the low paid workers and giving a little speech blaming Labour for them not getting a pay rise in line with inflation,what could be easier than that !!

So after his walk about, Dave gives his speech and tell the Country that he and George know best and that we all had to stick to the plan of mass starvation and the jobs a good UN.
But then Dave starts to get a bit carried away and as his private press Secretary starts weeping into his hands Dave decides to tell the country that all the misery they are suffering is not any fault of his and Georges economic policies of austerity and cuts but it is everything Else's fault and to prove his point he proudly tells the country that even the ORB ( Office for Budget Responsibility ) has said that it is not Dave or Georges fault that the economy is as dead as Hugo Chavez and so as Dave waltzes off with his press Secretary telling him '' You fu@king moron we nearly made a whole week '' The ORB ( Office for Budget Responsibility ) are already on the blower to downing street calling Cameron a liar.

Turns out that since 2010 the ORB has stated in everyone of its reports that the Government and its policies of nothing but austerity and cuts are a major factor to why economic growth has flat lined, another words Dave has been bullshitting YET again and for the FOURTH time in a year he has been rebuked by the very organisation he put in place so that politicians do not mislead the public, it is humiliating for him, and the Press and media have their Tory disaster for the week.

Fair play to Justin Bieber he did once again try and come to the Governments rescue by jumping out of a car, and swearing and threatening to give someone a Chinese burn, but he was not taken to seriously as he was wearing matching bright red woolly hat and jumper at the time,and looked more like an over excited rent boy for Santa Clause than a sex drugs and rock and roll star and he was quickly thrown back into the car by his baby sitter who told him '' Get back in there you little fu@ker and you are in bed by seven tonight'' and so the plan failed and yet again it has been another disaster of a week for the Government as they went out their way to help the over paid and mega rich bankers and tried once again to lie to the poor simple folk of these green and pleasant lands as to why they are the only ones who are paying for a debt that the wealthy created.

Have a great weekend and much love..The Naked Truth.