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Xàbia Shrimper

Spanish Shrimpers
Oct 24, 2003
Xàbia, España
Let me put something straight. I was NOT against the podcast; jokey comments might have been interpreted as such but I was not against it. My train of thought is as follows:

Firstly, the concept of the podcast was indeed innovative, if not the first in the country or the world. But by limiting it to use only with RSS seemed wrong to me. To do so meant that one was 'forcing' the user to download and install an RSS reader or miss out. Others sites allowed the download of an MP3 file as part of their podcast offering instead. The club wasn't interested to such suggestions and indeed I was informed that I was a "dummy" and that the club would not offer an MP3 download; with the usual arrogance from the club I was told that such a download wouldn't be a feature - "end of". Nice PR.

Secondly - and perhaps rather more personal to me - I am one of those people who abhors unfounded exclusivity claims. The SUFC podcast was touted as the world's first dedicated football club podcast when in fact it is not. Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Salzburg, even Havant & Waterlooville have all offered podcasts before SUFC. Perhaps I might have pushed it so far but ever since Scriv and I developed ShrimperZone, it's been a real bugbear.

This forum is all about expression of opinion. If my ramblings about the podcast can be interpreted as those of a "loudmouthed t%&t" (as so eloquently put by Mr JChapman) or as "sad, bitter and childish" by jumboshrimp, then so be it. I am entitled to those opinions. No amount of abuse is going to change that and I have solidarity with Wiggy that any castigation is going to be ignored by me.

What I do find incredible is that members of the club's commercial department has been so quick to throw in the towel in the face of such criticism / suggestion. I can't think it was so. There must something more to it. Why just suddenly bin such an innovative concept just because of me?! Therefore the lack of backbone imagery remains. In business you fight through, not just give up!!

Not open for further replies.