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Aug 22, 2006
On the seafront c c csiders
Well here we are the often pivotal festive period behind us. We are almost top of the league. Plenty if ups and downs already. Some positives for me thus far......the development of Prosser into a quality league two CB has been brilliant, fourth season in for luke now, will he ever get rid of that bandage. The emergence of leonard....wow....today it was actually an inspiration to see him in action.....and trust me prior to this season my opinion of leonard was not good. Freddy rolling back the years in the first few games. The lads trying to play the good stuff.
Some of the negatives......freddy succumbing to his dodgy knee, some frustrating inconsistencies from the team (to be expected in league two) many fans reactions to losing a few games early on.....people actually calling for brown to go.

Phil Brown........seemed to divide opinions massively at first.....some still seem to give credit begrudgingly. Has put together a very good back room team which has so far benifitted the team. Many of the players we have are after all sturrock signings and have adjusted well to new systems etc I think 9 of the starting 11 are sturrock signnings.....more kudos to brown imo for not clearing out the previous mans players.

I just cant tell if this season feels like a promotion campaign. ....lets hope so. Brown stated on the radio earlier that he would like to recruit in january but it would take someone special as he doesn't want to disrupt the spirit and togetherness of the squad.


Sep 1, 2012
Hopefully he does recruit a couple of players and hopefully they are special,ive always stated next season as being our promotion year ,but seeing as how well we are going at present, love it to be this season.I think we have some very good talent on our books ,Bentley, leonard ,Payne,and i still believe Clifford given time is going to be very good also.Remember it has taken Prosser 4 seasons to really show his worth.Give some of our young lads time and it will pay off.Good coaching is all they need.


Youth Team
Nov 19, 2012
I originally resisted making a judgement until this Christmas period was out of the way. So far it has gone well, PB has the team trying to play the right way but we are still short of pace up front and can lack creativity at times. Promotion I believe is now possible but there are several clubs who can claim that case and were no better than any of those and some may improve beyond our ability by being able to afford improvements in the transfer market, something that we may not be able to match. Regardless of how we go from now on in I believe that PB is the right man for the gig and with a bit of luck and money, will see us to promotion either this year or next.


Sep 20, 2009
This league is so tight and even; no team seems really capable of running away with it so there's no need to panic if we lose the odd game or two. We are still grinding out results when we are not at our best so it augurs well for the rest of season barring bad luck with injuries/suspensions. Play-offs at the very least.