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The Wet Head Shave.

Benfleet A1

Hector Of The House
Jan 19, 2007
Slade Prison
I suffer from dry scalp. I have tried everything on the market, chineses herbal remedies, shampoo's, oils, the lot but nothing makes a blind bit of differance. I would walk into a barbers for a razor cut and the very second my head was touched the entire shop would disappear in a Sibierian blizzard of dry skin and dandruff. Apart from anything else it was embarrassing and a proper pain if wearing dark clothing. It looked like I had been careless with the talc.

So today I decided to get rid of the lot and go for the complete slaphead look. I managed to find a barbers that will wet shave so took the plunge and went there today. This barbers is opposite Toys R Us in Basildon town centre and run by some Turkisk gents. In I went and asked for the wet head shave.

'No problem Boss' said the young lad who had been reading the paper and ushered me to a seat.

I didn't know what to expect but I am here to tell you that if you fancy the spam head look then hot foot it to this guys. First up, I got a head massage with warm water followed by another with some head cream. That alone was worth the money. After that my head was lathered with a thick shaving soap which felt great but left me looking like something out of Logans Run. Then he started shaving. This lad knew his stuff and really took his time. He managed to nick me maybe twice but I didn't feel it and it must have been minimal blood loss because no one else in the shop took any notice.

After the shave came what I wasn't expecting. There was a bottle of methalated spirits sitting on the counter which I had been wondering about. I soon found out. The lad dunked a swab into the bottle then lit it and started waving it back and forth around my ears. This was a new one on me but talk about effective. Everytime he wooshed past my lugholes I could hear and smell burning hair. That was fantastic and highly recommended. After that the nostrils got de-haired but without flame and then the eyebrows got some treatment.

I was enjoying this. Then he went around my head with an antiseptic swab touching up where he had nicked me then slapped a big dollop of aftershave all over the ex-barnet. That warmed me up. Then a hot towel and viggious rub and I was sorted. Trust me when I say that that was by far the best head hair experiance I have ever had. Best tenner I have ever spent.