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Things I hate about DJ'ing...


The Whippet
Dec 5, 2003
While Friday and Saturday night were awesome fun... it also re-itterated to me the things i dislike about the job..

If any of you have ever done these things to a DJ... shame on you!

Punter - Can you play this tune my mate made
Me - hmmm, usually i wouldnt, but as its early doors and theres no-one in i give it a listen, and play it for there ammusement
Punter - Did you like it
Me - Someone from Bristol rapping isnt really my thing, but the production is ok
Punter - Will you play it in your party set later
Mermm, probably not
punter - Why not
Me - :thump:

a little later on

a different punter arrives

punter - Do you have any metal mate (bearing in mind im in the middle of an old skool set...which is going very nicely and getting most dancing)
me - not really mate, bit of old stuff i suppose
punter - Will you be playing any
me - Maybe some guns and roses later
punter - Thats not metal
me - ok, sorry, then probably not then
punter - Can i look through ur cd's to see if you have any metal
me - Erm.. no!
punter - Why not?
me - :thump:

Later on...

Me Thanks to our band for the night WIMM... ok, so now we'll be taking you through till 2am with pure disco cheese, requests welcome[/b]

ten minutes later...

Punter - Hello mate, can you play some Jay-z
Me - no!

10 minutes later

punter - Can you play Olive - 'You're not alone'?
me - No!

10 minutes later

punter (from earlier) - Can you play some metal now mate
me - I just played Sweet Child o' Mine
punter thats not what i mean
me - Fair enough
punter - Do you want me to go get a CD from my car
me - I already have about 300 Cd's thanks mate

10 mintutes later... 5 minutes after playing Agadoo..

punter - Can you play Agadoo please
me - Are you ****ed??

also at another point during the night

punter - What does this button do (points at mixing desk)
me - well it says 'pause' so have a guess
punter - Can i press it
me - no
punter - Why not
me - because the 200 people dancing will think im a really sh*t DJ for stopping the music mid song!

Another point during the night

punter - Can you play soemthing decent
me - such as
punter - i dunno, something that people will like
me - id say that as 98% of the people in here are dancing, they like what im playing

.... i must point out that this person was wearing 'Chico Time' t-shirt!

anyhow, there are more that i will think of later and add!

Also, if any fellow DJ's have had stoopid punters or funny storys please add them!

anyhow, to sum up... if you've ever done any of the above... your a class 1 ****!