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Vange Shrimper

Mrs Rock God
Oct 25, 2003
Usual rules, usual people banned. Hope this one dont cause too many arguments! :)

1. Robbie Williams covered the song My Way in 2006. Which singer or band enjoyed varying degrees of success with the song in each of the following years ?
a. 1969
b. 1971
c. 1977
d. 1978
e. 1988

2. What is exobiology ?

3. Which five golfers have the most career wins in the PGA's all time win list ?

4. Which of the following UK groups appeared on the Ed Sullivan show a record 13 times ?
a. The Beatles
b. The Hermans Hermits
c. The Rolling Stones
d. The Dave Clark 5
e. The Zombies

5. According to the "Pew Center" in the USA, what % of American adults are in prison ? (a record) Jan 2008
a. 1%
b. 2%
c. 5%

6. Plus or minus 150,000, Russia's population is shrinking by about how many people each year ?

7. Mario Andretti, Kofi Annan, Henry Cooper, Vin Diesel, John Elway, Joseph Fiennes, Alanis Morissette, Jason Orange, Elvis, Kiefer Sutherland and Remus all have or had what in 'common'?

8. Chablis and Cote d'or are both appellations in which famous French wine region?

9. The very expensive Kobe beef is a product of Japanese Wagyu cattle. Other than living on beer feed, the farmer has a hand in doing what to pamper these cattle ?

10. In the category best performance in a leading role in 1999, two actresses were nominated for playing the same character. Name the character. For extra points, name the two actresses.

11. Which African mammal was thought to have sweated blood because its skin secretes a pink fluid which protects against the sun and infections?

12. Coatis, Civets and Pottos are all examples of what?

13. What name did Sir Francis Drake give the land now known as California in 1579 ?
a. New Albion
b. Nova Columbia
c. New Queensland
d. Nova Scotia

14. Plus or minus 50, how many confirmed kills does Rambo have in all four Rambo films?

15. In film, what is Sir Charles Lytton's nickname ?

16. To pierce, and a colour.

17. What is the other common name for the dung beetle ? Six letters

18. Which fictional bad guy's name means 'flight of death' or 'theft of death' ?

19. In biblical etiology, which animal became extinct because it was thrown off the ark and drowned ? (Clue, if needed: It can only find peace, it is said, in the lap of a virgin)

20. In 1945 , Hans van Meegeren was going to be charged with collaboration for selling a Vermeer painting to the Nazis. How did he avoid the heavy penalty ?