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Ticket Office Blues

Swiss Tony

End of the pier show ⭐
Feb 17, 2008
Life boat station
I bought my season ticket last week but it hasn't arrived yet.

So I phoned the ticket office this morning (got through in a couple of minutes) and was told a paper ticket would be ready for Collection in the WEST STAND Ticket office.

It was only by pure chance that I saw the heading of this thread.

So I phoned again (got through again in a couple of minutes) and was told sorry yes collection from the NORTH EAST corner.

So thanks for this thread but I think it needs to be remembered that a lot of people who attend are elderly and to walk from Shakespeare Drive to the North East corner and BACK for many may be very difficult.
Complete nail on the head well said,but they don't seem to care.

Tampa Blue

Apr 14, 2007
Can’t imagine there being a huge amount of walk ups tonight through a combination of the weather, Champions League, the number of season cards sold and our form.

Not opening the West Stand ticket office for games with little demand is probably the type of cost-cutting that we will need in non-league.
They told me to collect my ticket from the West Stand ticket office - better leave myself enough time to run round to the NE Ticket office just in case!!

Yorkshire Blue

Super Moderator⭐
Staff member
Oct 27, 2003
Why not go the whole hog and just shut the West permanently in preparation for the new ground feeling when completed in 2035?
Not a subject I’d joke about. It’s a distinct possibility a stand will be shut if crowds drop off the next few years. We’ll see if the whole ground is open for the FA Cup.


Well-known member
Oct 3, 2020
That's going to confuse and annoy people that won't have heard it's closed. More staff cutbacks?

It can't cost that much to have the West ticket office open for a couple of hours, in honsty how much would the club be saving, £100 - £150. But in the mean time it's ****ed off several hundred fans.

Floval Flyer

Licensed to ill⭐
Jul 6, 2010
Leigh On Sea
They told me to collect my ticket from the West Stand ticket office - better leave myself enough time to run round to the NE Ticket office just in case!!
Yep me too.

If only they could just send my tickets to the West Road Tap I’d have time for an extra pint. Which may be needed tonight…

So, it’s a walk to the NE corner then then back to the West. Why do I bother (don’t answer that!)


The PL League Boss⭐
Apr 28, 2006
PL Headquarters Hullbridge
The issue to my mind isn't whether the West Ticket Office is open or not, but that people are being told to go there in error, and then finding that they face a double journey to pick their tickets up.

If everyone was told to go the North East in the first place t would not be a problem

Up the Shrimpers

Life President
Oct 30, 2003
Saw a few people confused as to why the West ticket office was shut and that was in just a couple of minutes.
In the West Stand now and hardly any lights on in the stand, more cost cutting.
Lights on now
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