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To all those who are moaning


Blue tinted optimist
Oct 28, 2003
Cloud cuckoo land
Please dig deep in your own pockets, remortgage your houses, and GIVE (not loan) all your cash to the club so that it can increase our turnover and therefore assist in signing better players.

As diehard fans, would you do that?


So don't expect anyone else to.

We have a wage structure in place that we cannot allow to be broken.  No one player is worth it.  Everyone at this level is replaceable.  Tilly only wants players who want to play for the club, not play for the money.  We've had that before and look where it got us?

For us to stand a chance of getting better players we need to raise more money.

The only way to get this club more money is to put more bums on seats at the Hall.  There were signs that things were turning around last year.  Ok, this week we have had a few hiccups but all is not lost... just remember these players are only Div 3 and all have their faults.  We can pick up other players as there will be hundreds out of work on June 1st.  It is the team blend rather than individual brilliance that will win a club promotion, and we have to back Tilly and Brush in their judgement. They have brought in some decent signings so far (Dudfield, Bentley, Pettefer, Nicolau, Edwards) so why can't we all just trust their judgement and get behind the team next August, whoever is in it?

I said earlier last season that I thought the fans would get the club relegated.  As it turned out we were safe, but the fans have a huge part to play in a clubs success or failure.  Anyone who saw the West Ham v Ipswich play off game at Upton Park and who then listened to the post match interviews will know how big a part the fans played in that game.

So lets all pull together in an attempt to get this club out of this division (in an upwards direction).  After all, we are meant to be supporters.

Oxford Dictionary definition of support:

"give assistance, encouragement, or approval to;be actively interested in (a sports team)."

So, just as we have the power to get fans relegated, we have the power to get us promoted.  Lets get behind the team and management for a while and stop bloody whinging.