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The Horse with no Name
Oct 27, 2003
The wilds of Kent
No sign of SZ's Durera I'm afraid


Tariq Ali political campaigner
Martin Amis novelist and critic
Perry Anderson historian
Karen Armstrong historian of religion
Colin Blakemore neurologist and MRC chief executive
Philip Bobbitt theorist of law and conflict
Melvyn Bragg broadcaster and writer
Samuel Brittan economics commentator
Gordon Brown chancellor of the exchequer
Ian Buruma writer on Asian and world affairs
AS Byatt critic and essayist
David Cannadine historian
John Carey literature professor and critic
Linda Colley historian
Robert Cooper diplomat and writer
Michael Craig-Martin conceptual artist and professor
Bernard Crick political writer and citizenship expert
Matthew D'Ancona journalist and writer
Richard Dawkins biologist and scientific polemicist
Terry Eagleton literary theorist
David Elstein television executive
Brian Eno musician and producer
Niall Ferguson historian
Michael Frayn playwright and novelist
Lawrence Freedman professor of war studies
Timothy Garton Ash historian and commentator
Anthony Giddens social and political theorist
Paul Gilroy race and social theorist
Charles Grant director of Centre for European Reform
John Gray political philosopher
AC Grayling philosopher, writer and journalist
David Green director of Civitas
Susan Greenfield pharmacologist and RI director
Germaine Greer writer, academic and feminist
Fred Halliday international relations professor
David Hare playwright
Seamus Heaney poet and essayist
Peter Hennessy historian of government
Christopher Hitchens essayist and contrarian
Eric Hobsbawm historian
Richard Holmes biographer
Michael Howard military historian
Will Hutton chief executive of the Work Foundation
Michael Ignatieff human rights theorist and author
Lisa Jardine historian
Charles Jencks architectural critic
Anatole Kaletsky Times economics commentator
John Kay business economist and academic
Frank Kermode literary critic and writer
Mervyn King Bank of England governor
Thomas Kirkwood professor of medicine
Richard Layard economics professor and policy adviser
Julian Le Grand social policy theorist and policy adviser
James Lovelock scientist and originator of Gaia theory
Noel Malcolm historian
David Marquand writer on politics
Peter Maxwell-Davies composer and conductor
Robert May zoologist and Royal Society president
Ian McEwan novelist
Neil MacGregor director of British Musuem
Mary Midgley moral philosopher
Jonathan Miller theatre director and polymath
George Monbiot columnist and author
Geoff Mulgan Demos founder and policy adviser
VS Naipaul novelist and essayist
Tom Nairn theorist on nationalism
Onora O'Neill philosopher
David Pannick human rights lawyer
Bhikhu Parekh political theorist
Adam Phillips psychotherapist and essayist
Melanie Phillips author and columnist
Philip Pullman children's author
Martin Rees astronomer royal
Matt Ridley science writer
Richard Rogers architect
Steven Rose biologist
WG Runciman social theorist
Salman Rushdie writer
Malise Ruthven writer on religion
Jonathan Sacks chief rabbi
Ziauddin Sardar writer on Islam
Simon Schama historian and broadcaster
Roger Scruton philosopher and writer
Amartya Sen development economist
Gitta Sereny biographer
Robert Skidelsky economics professor
Quentin Skinner historian
David Starkey historian and broadcaster
George Steiner writer and academic
Tom Stoppard playwright
Raymond Tallis physician and writer
Adair Turner economist and policy adviser
Mary Warnock philosopher and public ethicist
David Willetts Conservative politician
Rowan Williams archbishop of Canterbury
Robert Winston fertility expert and broadcaster
Jeanette Winterson novelist
Martin Wolf FT chief economics commentator
Lewis Wolpert developmental biologist and writer
James Wood literary critic