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Benfleet A1

Hector Of The House
Jan 19, 2007
Slade Prison
So as mentioned, we had to leave 30 minutes or so into the game and it had nothing to do with the shower on the pitch. My son has autism and is sensitive to noise. It's a strange thing because it only kicks in if he isn't enjoying himself. So to put that into context, against Chesterfield last season he had the time of his life ( we won and it was a good noise) while today we were woeful from the start and two down in 15 minutes, kids like my boy pick up on this sort of thing so he wasn't in a good place.

He asked me to take him down below the stand to watch the game on one of the tv's and where it would be quieter so I thought I'd grab a coffee and get him a little snack to cheer him up a bit. Number 3 flew in just as we stepped through the exit, which we ignored and headed for the food bar.

Standing there in full flow was some runt shouting at the top of his voice, demanding a cup of tap water then creating with as many f's' c's and b's as he could muster. I glanced at my boy who was frozen with fear and saw red. In no uncertain terms this toad got himself told straight about the perils of scareing my son while his over protective and very near to violence dad was around. He said he needed the water because of some medical reason and seemed to think the best way of getting it was by shouting at the staff behind the counter and generally being an obnoxious and rude pig.

It's not the first time I have seen this sort of thing involving our so called fans and it is a very ugly side, especially at away games. It affected my boy so much that he wanted to go back to the car right there and then and told me he doesn't want to come football anymore.

So thank you to the very kind lady at the food bar for the pack of Oreo's to try and cheer my lad up a bit, like the rest of the staff at Rotherham, friendly decent people.

And to the foul mouthed runt who treated said staff like dirt on his shoe, thanks for ruining my lads day out, try carrying water if you have a medical condition which requires it regulary and be grateful that you are going home tonight with all your teeth intact. You don't know how close you came today.