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Jun 16, 2007
Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom
The questions in the title.... Over the last week I've seen many people on here saying we need a complete overhaul. That most of the squad isn't good enough. Even wanting brown to leave the club and bring someone else in.. Considering we've finished rather safely in mid table (which most last season would've accepted). Are we really being over dramatic, is all this reaction not just because we flirted with the play offs for aslong as we did....

Think About this, last season believe it or not we was the worst team to come up from league two.. We finished behind Burton, Shrewsbury and Bury, yet we are one result away from being the second best out of those this season. Do you reckon the majority of Shrewbury or Burt are crying out for such drastic changes? Or are they happy they have survived this year. Personally I think if we had lingered around this position most of the season people would be happy with a 14th possibly even a 13th place finish, and all they would've asked for is one or two improved players to just build on what we had.. Yet because we did so well early on we are crying out for a complete overhaul. Is it really necessary? Or do we just need to add 2 or 3 players? And build on what he already have.. Considering we achieved this position without our top scorer from the last season, and with mainly the same squad. Including having long injuries to main players throughout the year..


Aug 22, 2006
On the seafront c c csiders
Promotion and consolidation is not to be sniffed at. You are right that there has been a complete over reaction from some. But the slump since January needs addressing no doubt. I think there will be a very big turnaround in players this season with obvious pros and cons. Some of the changes seem driven by players rather than management and vice versa.
A mixture of young upcoming players (including yoofs) with some experienced players would be the ideal scenario imo.
As for the title I don't believe we are victims of any kind. Maybe suffering from a little bit of short termism (if that's even a word)


Sep 6, 2009
North Wales
Every team needs a couple more players to improve them, a defender that keeps blank sheets and a striker with 20 plus goals in his locker. The trouble is finding the team that blends into one where they all work for each other, avoid injuries and bookings and get success that naturally follows.
Our form since Christmas, if continued next season will see Brown out the door by November and the team looking at a return to the 4th level again.
It appears that Bentley, Payne and Worrall are off, Barratt can't have much left in the tank, Mooney and Hunt showed early promise but not much since. Weston and Hurst have been part players, Timlin and Leonard may find tempting offers elsewhere. A number of loanees that failed too.
Nothing to do with being victims of success, just the way of football at any level:winking:


Jan 11, 2013
Don't think anyone's being over dramatic, as we definitely need a big clear out in the summer. For starters, we're paying players like Prosser, Hurst and Weston who Brown clearly doesn't rate as he doesn't play them. Worrall is going, Payne is going and Bentley is going. Bolger will most likely go due to his attitude and Malarczyk, McQueen, Kamara, Barnett and Loza will all return to their parent clubs with no guarantee of any returning. With 12 players down already, adding 2 or 3 is not an option, especially as some of the remaining squad aren't good enough in my opinion.

Every team in the country aims for promotion. No team starts the season thinking, "we've got a decent squad, but let's just aim for mid-table as that will be a good result". Unfortunately there are players here at the moment who I think we could replace in the summer with better quality, especially as we've established ourselves as a pretty solid League One side.


Super Moderator⭐
Staff member
Aug 13, 2008
Our top goalscorer and our first choice keeper are leaving, for many teams that would constitute a massive project. Add in that it seems we'll only have two centre backs under contract, one of whom is 36, and only one striker under contract, it is a pretty big rebuilding project this summer.