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Dec 13, 2007
I would first like to say that in no way am i criticising the Blue Voice, i would like to make a few points and ask a few questions.

My reasoning behind this thread has come about from watching last nights Palace v Cardiff game and the atmosphere created initially by the Cardiff fans but more importantly by the Palace fans and in particular the group behind the goal called the 'fanatics'. They were absolutely brilliant and didnt stop singing and chanting all game and not only did it sound great on tv but you got a sense that it gave the whole ground a lift and a buzz and at times the whole stand behind the goal was up on their feet as one. A friend who goes to Palace says that they are like that every game.

So it got me thinking about our own fanatics, the Blue Voice. I have read many comments on here particularly this season about the atmosphere in the ground the lack of noise and singing and then i thought, isnt this why the Blue Voice were set up? isnt this why they have there own section? and in answering my own question i assumed yes.

You can argue that the atmosphere isnt great in the East Stand, for what its worth this is where is sit and i love a sing song, but most in this stand dont or arent as vocal and behind the goal in the South, its an odd stand being small and on two levels. Ive said for years that they should just open the upper and get as many people in there as they can, neither levels are ever full normally.

Our away support although often samll in numbers is normally very good and vocal and in particular Scott and his band of merry men should be congratulated. Why is it away at Donnie few years back at 5-0 down do we sing non stop, yet at home 3-0 up and second in the league barley anything. Unfortunately and again im not being over critical but the vibes on here re the Blue Voice are more often negative, abuse of players, drinking in the seats etc.


Is the Blue Voice still the same Blue Voice set up a few years back?
Why is there such a lack of singing and vocal support from this area?
Has it become just an area that the younger fans congregate in?
Should TBV consider relocating maybe behind the goal, South Upper? Guessing the North bank will never be an option.
What can be done to improve the general atmosphere in the ground, particularly in this thus far successful season.

Up th blues.