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Question Wedding day dilemas - Am I being out of order.


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The Business
Oct 25, 2003
In a world of my own.
Mrs DtS and I are quite frankly at loggerheads.

The wedding of the decade - no sorry century is now just 5 weeks and 3 days away. All appears to be done except the fact I have no ring, suit or speech but hey plenty of time.

About six months ago we went to see my good friend and SZ poster (And Southend's number one) Lucky Luca's Mum - The lovely Lynn who kindly did our wedding invitees for us. (Unbelievably low price and super quality - PM Lucky Luca for price).

Anyway as part of the reception which were having on Brighton seafront we are of course having a meal. Now unlike most weddings we wanted to give people a choice of meal. I think its fair to say normally you are given no choice but we wanted try and make everyones day special.

So the choice is

1) Chicken,Spuds and Veg,
2) Seabass and Summer Veg
3) Wild Mushroom Risotto.

More than enough choice even for the most fussy *******. Anyway so invites went out and menu choices come flooding back in.

Well - Mrs DtS have a friend who she hasnt seen for years. They used to be mates when they were 156 but her mate got a fella (Off the Internet) and basically has not been seen. So the Mrs had a real battle if she was going to invite her or not. In the end she ended up no only inviting her but also her husband that I have never met and the Mrs has only met once in the six ears they have been married.

Anyway - get there reply back but the letter is a bit more bulky than the bog standard reply. It reads along the lines as follows

"Dear Lucie and Holly aka Daughter of DTS (No ****ing mention of the groom). Brian and I would be delighted to attend your wedding. However Brian has chromes diseases and so the menu on offer is not suitable for him.

Please can he have plain chicken which must be cooked seperate from any other saucy chickens, spuds (Must not include any butter or seasoning) and caulifour and brocolli only."

Chromes dieseas is apparantly a diseases where anything that has any sort of adatives makes you **** yourself and you can be ill.

Now I personally am ****ed off as I think he is lucky to get a choice of food and with the chef cooking for 95 as it it I think its a joke. We havent even said what veg we are having and the bloke is demmanding what he wants.....

Mrs DtS says I am being a **** and the bloke has an illness and is quite within his rights to ask for a special menu. I personally think if its that bad either dont come or bring a ****ing packed lunch.

Am I just being a tit or what?