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What would League 2 mean?


Thailand Shrimper
Oct 28, 2003
I think it would be a real sickner after the progress we'd made in the years since T&B first took over, back to square one again. It would be an interesting summer of goings and....comings? depending on what funds are available to freshen up the squad again.

Not sure our crowds would hold up as well as Lutons, I think in Lutons case it was more a case of "us against the world" in light of the big points deduction they had last season.
Feb 1, 2004
Different league nowadays, back then i believe yourselves, Darlo and Lincoln all bounced back at the first or second time of asking, i think it took Hereford 9 years, York are only just mounting a challenge this year and Cambridge are nearer the drop zone than the play offs .. half the league is made up of one time long time established football league clubs

Yes it is a tough division now, it should impress a few of them if they have to play at Darlingtons new stadium next season!


Aug 10, 2008
A tough season if we do end up going down.

Hereford,Cheltenham, Crewe and Northampton havent exactly set that league alight.


Dec 8, 2003
If we come back in one season all well and good but if we end up being there for a longtime like we did before it will be hell. We will lose a lot of fans and its not impossible we could go down even further if there are still money problems at the club. Getting a new ground in League 2 with not many fans and a poor team could turn us into another Darlington.


Life President
Apr 7, 2005
Relegation this year will lead to further relegation. I can see no other scenario.

One scenario could possibly be we wouldnt get relegated?

Just putting it out there lol.

Theres a lot of rubbish in that league and with points deductions a regular occurence that will also kill a couple of teams off. Just have to hope its not us getting them!

Reg Martin

No Relation
Apr 2, 2007
Being in league two is no big deal in itself, it's where we've spent half the 40 years I have been following Southend's fortunes. Ignoring the financial issues for a moment, most neutral fans would see our relegation as part of the same cycle we've been in since the mid 60s.
But the financial situation is the one thing that could make a difference. I've always been prepared to give Ron Martin the benefit of the doubt and take him at his word but he is fast running out of credibility IMO.
If we go down and continue to try to get by on a small squad of kids and loanees, then the unthinkable (another relegation) is thinkable.
Someone hide the razor blades...