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Life President⭐
Dec 10, 2006
Well he's quite a character as you will see from these two video's a while back that are entertaining and well worth watching. O.K. some of the players have changed, and I'm not going to even go there about the new stadium bit in the first video, it's been done to death. He's certainly a natural with a crowd, and as I have found out before, underneath all the joking and banter, he's very serious about his job and the direction of our club. The atmosphere around Boots&Laces seems much happier and more relaxed than under Paul Sturrock who had a much different style of management. That style was probably what Southend needed at that time tho, as I think Paul Sturrock did a fantastic job with what he had to work with. Have a look at these and hopefully they will cheer you up like they did to me. It will only let me put one video on, the other you just have to click the link at the bottom, UTB.



Barling Magna

Dec 14, 2010
Yes, PB comes across as an effective manager - but we all know that he has his limitations, one of which may be gullibility in believing his chairman would keep his part of the bargain! He does seem to have a good rapport with the team - but again we know how he fell out with players at Hull City.

Like most of us PB is a person of contradictions, but, on balance, I think he is the right maanger for us at the moment and we are indeed lucky to have him.

Come On You Shrimpers!


Jan 6, 2005
I stumbled across these a few weeks ago after deciding to watch the Man United game on YouTube. I agree that its an interesting insight into what the atmosphere is like at the training ground. I always think the whole "he's lost the dressing room" excuse for poor performances is an easy point to make really. People work with personalities at their jobs that they clash with every day. Yes it can annoy and frustrate you but professional people just get on with their jobs regardless.

My main criticism with Phil Brown is that he finds it very difficult to turn round a run of poor form. We tend to go on either very good runs with him (like now) or very bad ones (like the start of the season, end of last). But to be honest there are a lot of managers like this, at all levels. Alan Pardew at Palace is much the same.

At the start of the season my expectations were for us to consolidate again this year and hope to improve on last year's finish, perhaps flirt with the playoff places at times. And I think we're on course to do that after our recent good run.


Aug 13, 2007
I have only met Phil Brown once (at a lunch and training session) and found him to be a very good host who took his time to look after his guests. He also looked to have a good rapport with his players but then publicly I would expect nothing less.

How any of the above translates to what he is like to work with/for I have no idea. He has what you might describe as a "strong" personality so I can see how some will take to him and others less so. A lot is made of his so called fall outs with players but these seem to only involve players who have been dropped so hardly a great surprise that players are unhappy with not being picked. If he started to fall out with key first team players then I would be concerned.

As mentioned by Saafender above his main problem seems to be that his teams are boom and bust and needs to better at turning things around when things are not going so well.


Nov 4, 2012
Always seemed a friendly open fella when I've (briefly) met him. Others I know, who see him on a regular basis, say he just loves talking about football....and that will do for me.


Junior Blues Coordinator⭐
Dec 27, 2007
There's almost more women in that Shrimpers Trust meeting than go to Roots Hall, Lol.

They're all there to mob the players at the end!

I've met Phil on a number of occasions, and chatted to him a fair bit during the JB Christmas Parties. Always very pleasant to talk to.


First XI
Jul 9, 2016
I have seen how happy the players are on the training ground & enjoyed doing the work & they clearly respect PB too, the turn around in our form proved it. Let hope we get past the 30 pts mark before boxing days, which was my target in Augs!


Scott Forbes No.1 Fan⭐
Staff member
Dec 21, 2003
Went to Newport away a couple of seasons ago and I had just got out of the car wearing my Southend shirt. The team bus was coming down the road and Phil was in the front seat and he waved at me. He didn't have to do that but it was a nice touch and obviously has time for the fans even if some of us can be quite critical of him.
Jun 22, 2009
Loughton - the only way is Orange!
Went to Newport away a couple of seasons ago and I had just got out of the car wearing my Southend shirt. The team bus was coming down the road and Phil was in the front seat and he waved at me. He didn't have to do that but it was a nice touch and obviously has time for the fans even if some of us can be quite critical of him.

Well lets hope we can afford a driver from now on.


Lord of the Reedy River
Aug 7, 2010
Met and spoke with him once and seemed a genuine and chatty guy. Loves talking about football and was off to watch not one, but two matches that afternoon/evening.

Let us not forget him running the London Marathon for 'Sparks' and the 'Amy May Trust', as well. :thumbsup: