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What's the real reason?


Blue tinted optimist
Oct 28, 2003
Cloud cuckoo land
Todays defeat hurt. Not because it was against Col U, although there are no doubt some on here that think that if we only won 2 games all season as long as they were against Col U then that would be ok.

It hurt because of the stage of the season we are at and the importance of those three points. It hurt more than the defeat against, say, Derby because we didn't really make a proper game of it and gave the impression of laying down and dying.

Now, anyone who has read my review will know what I thought of the performance. But I have read some amazing stuff on here today, most of which to be honest I can't agree with.

Playing "Devils Advocate" for a minute - Tilson has been slated for his team selection in playing Foran wide and dropping JCR - also for playing Hammell. Well, if he had played an unchanged team, then people would no doubt be on his case for not being bold enough. Similarly, he has been criticised this season for late substitutions, yet apparently replacing a very, VERY poor Foran at half time is also a crime. The bloke can't win. He hasn't done a lot wrong over the last few years. Can someone please tell me why he should be a victim of his own success? He has provided us with what we all wanted - the League One title and Championship football. Is it right that we should use that as a stick to beat him with?

Next - the players. Yes, today they were poor. But I am convinced they did not give up. They played with too much fear and as soon as the second goal went in, that was that. When confidence is low, the hardest thing in the world is to play free flowing football. Some of our passing was delightful today - but it took place in our own half where it didn't hurt the opposition. Mike Marsh used to flatter to deceive like this as well. He'd play a delightful pin point pass 40 yards across the pitch in our own half which would have the crowd purring - but would never play a short 5 yard pass into the opposition box that hurt the opposition (as Barker did today for Cureton's third). The players today were nervy, which is why they had trouble in controlling the ball on occasion. Too many basic errors made, too much fear. This can be mistaken for inability, indifference or even a lack of spirit. None of these I believe are in evidence. It is fear and pressure - today was a big, big game and sadly we lacked the bottle for it. On Monday, as Tilly said in his post match interview, the pressure is off because everyone thinks we are down so we just have to go and play.

By the way, if we had won today and lost at Preston, would anyone feel any different to losing today and winning at Preston? If we win 3 and draw 1 of our last 6 games, does it matter if we win 1 of those away from home? Come on, it ain't over 'til it's over. When we can't get out of it, then we're down but until then, lets keep the faith.