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The Business
Oct 25, 2003
In a world of my own.
Must say I am gutted to miss Bradford away. Its a long old way but a great trip and having been to Bradford a few times on courses whilst it is a total toliet its got a certain charm..

Seeing pubeys thread about the old days got me reminissing about trip last time we went there.

Basically I had got hammered the night before and slept at my mate Hornchurch Matt's. I had to get the train into Moorgate the next day, do a half day before heading to Ilford to meet my mate who worked at C&G about midday. From there we were going up to Bradford.

We met at some pub in Ilford along with my mates Mark and Dom. Mark had brought me a pint which would have been lovely except I felt sick from the night before. Got in the car at Ilford and felt sick all the way-honestly thought I was going to die on the motorway up there I felt that rough and my work phone kept going off. It seemed to be the longest day ever so I was gutted that it took so long to get there. Anyway my mate Paul the driver made world record time and we found a nice parking spot close to the ground just after 4pm.

As usual we hit the first pub we came too which was a strange pace to say the least. It had a really unusual northern snooker table in it with holes al down the middle of the table and it had a whole wall of beer matts. Proper northern hovel.

Didnt stay there ong before we moved onto another venue which was equally as grim. My mrs at the time called so I went outside and walked down a side alley to speak to her. Anyway as I was on the phone I saw a ten year old lad having a **** in the street. Felt sick.

Went for a lash and got talking to some old boy in the bogs. He said he was 88 and had never left Bradford in his life. Proper weird old place.

Anyway onto the game. Bradford had good support and a decent side, featring David Wetherall and Dean Windass. We had just lost at home to Port Vale and we looked nervy on paper. I had the nicest meat and potato pie ever before climbing the 6000 steps to the away end. Only people I could recognise were Bucket & Spade, True Blue and Wrong Un.

The game kicked off and we wer getting murdered. All te sudden the game turned on its head when one of their boys got sent off for killing Mitchell Cole. All of the sudden we were all over them.

We took an early lead from what I think was an own goal. I think we then scored in the 2nd half from Luke Guttertramp with a sweet sweet volley and the rest is history. Only about 200 of us up there but loved it.

At the end Dean Windass as usual was a typical ****** that he is starting shouting abuse at us. I ran to the front and gave him a massive ****** sign amost putting my arm out its socket I was over emphasisisg the act in question that much.

Personally bar Birmingham away (3-1) in the Championship it was my best away day in years.
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