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Liberal Democrats Why not to vote for these fence sitters


Life President
Jan 20, 2007
Here there everywhere
"Liberal Democrats believe everyone deserves help as soon as they lose their job to find another one. We want to completely change the way Jobcentres help people find work; when people go into a Jobcentre they will be able to talk about what help they need to get back into work and Jobcentres can then get them that help."

Hmm its a lovely idea how you paying for it , what changes are to be implemented . Im not disagreeing with the principle but how , its not like you could get in this time and could tell as you want to do it by selling the crown jewels !

Sigh even the Lib Dems have a women category (Vange , OBL how do you feel separated by this ?) though theirs is under sub section on equality .

Now am i being a little unfair in my criticism of them for being with out the how as to some of policy changes they want to bring about , or do parties that have not been in power for 80+ years not get access to the same information as those who have ?

Public finances
"Liberal Democrats are committed to setting out the tough choices we are prepared to take so that we can balance the country’s books. We will identify lower priority spending that we believe can be cut so that we can protect vital front line public services, which so many people rely on. Beyond this though we believe that the money the Government continues to spend must be spent more effectively."

Well yes but what are you actually going to do , its like saying metrological terms to some one who has just got wet in a down pore .
We need details !!!

Eerrr and thast about it , their site is teh easiest to read but most of their polices are statements of what their intent is with some detail (finace areas i expected much better )... however more on facebook and email so maybe its as they go along.

They are sadly showing more of a lacking factual part which is madness even just looking ta Vince Cable and Nick Clegg.

Did miss out the almost cheeky privatisation of the Post office by Share options . Now only 49% would ever be sold and the profit ploughed back in.

Tsk would not have been like this in Winston's day ;)
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