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Question Would you delay renewing next season?

Would you be willing to delay renewal of your season card for the 2023/2024 season?

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Topgun Pilot
Feb 18, 2004
Setting aside the lack of consultation for a minute - this is another example of robbing Peter to pay Paul, isn't it?

He needs money quickly to start paying off that loan, and rinsing you lot as early in the year as he can is a good way of getting at least some of it.
In fairness, this is no easier than normal.


First XI⭐
Jan 4, 2011
Yep, this has got my goat as well.
He is just taking the ssiP out of the many loyal surporters.

I mean, when we got relegated into this awful league, the attendance figures could have very easily gone down significantly.
That in turn would have really hurt the club.

But NO, the amazing attendance figures at the hall still remain high.
And instead of helping those loyal supporters with cost of living crises by keeping the season tickets at a relative fair cost, he wants to suck you into the early bird cost, and if you miss that dead line, he wants to take a lot more very hard earned money from you.

Just be grateful you greedy owner, that you still have a great fan base that supports this club, and not be like other clubs in this league with an average attendance of 1800,

That would really fcuk you then.


Mar 27, 2021
This is great. Finally some real meaningful action that has the potential to make ownership listen which is endorsed by all supporters groups! The supporters are the Club and without us the Club is nothing.

Hope you guys are thinking about the responses to all possible scenarios already.
Last edited:


UTB ⭐️
Staff member
Oct 27, 2003
SS2 Born & Bred
So following the release of pricing details and the news from the supporters groups suggesting fans should hold off on purchase, have you changed your mind?


Darryl's Love Child
Oct 30, 2003
Won’t be buying a season as long as HE is around. Will watch instead for free on the fire stick as I know my insight is valuable to you all😉
What a situation, this idiot should be warned off now!


Mar 27, 2021
3 from my family not getting renewed regardless of what's said in future. Actions speak louder than words. What's already been done proves the club cannot be trusted with money upfront. If anything we're doing them a favour as the income will be more providing they sort all the issues out and NO issues reoccur.