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Wrexham finally relegated

Shrimp in a Kilt

The 10 points the crooks at the Football League docked Wrexham have finally proved too much and they are relegated. I have e-mailed the football league to express my admiration for the firm and fair way that they have dealt with Wrexham for the terrible crime of being stiched up by Alex Hamilton. What has this got to do with Southend? Because if they get away with it at Wrexham, any club could be next. We seem to have come out smelling of roses with MD, but a lot of us were very worried for a long time that something along the lines of Wrexham could be our fate. I have sent the following to the Football League, and it wouldn't hurt if more of the same was sent.


Dear Sirs,

I have waited to write to you until it was clear what effect docking 10 points from Wrexham would have. It is now clear. They have been relegated. There is a charge that managers and players often receive - Bringing the Game Into Disrepute. That charge should clearly be laid at your door. Wrexham have been punished twice. Once by having the misfortune to fall into the hands of someone who even the national press, with their fixation with the Premiersh*t, have realised is not a "Fit and Proper Person" to run a football club. In fact he has driven  a well-loved grass roots family club to the brink of bankruptcy and dissolution for pure financial gain. Twice by being docked 10 points for that misfortune.

I appreciate that clubs were perceived as abusing the refuge of Administration to avoid the consequences of their own reckless behaviour, to the detriment of their better run fellow clubs. I understand that you felt that a deterent was needed. But the deterent you have chosen is a blunt instrument indeed. Cambridge have shown just how blunt and inequitable it is. They have in fact made a laughing stock of the Football League. The 10 points that Wrexham have lost because of one man's selfish actions has cost them dearly. The 10 points that Cambridge have lost means almost nothing, and was no deterent at all.

Honourable men and women would have recognised the injustice of what was happening very early, and would have sought to rectify that injustice. Why have you not done so? To allow Wrexham to continue to suffer at the hands of Alex Hamilton, to ignore the fact that docking them 10 points was a punishment not of that man (indeed, it may be seen by many to have helped him) but of the thousands of Wrexham fans up and down the country who are currently fighting to save their club.

It is not too late to make a difference. Regain the honour that you have lost. Launch an immediate investigation into Alex Hamilton's fitness to run a Football Club. And restore to Wrexham the 10 points that they should never have lost. I met many of those Wrexham fans when the team I love, Southend, played Wrexham at Cardiff in the LDV Final. They were a complete credit to League Football. They are the ones who are being punished. Act now!

Yours in anger and frustration

Tom Lister
Ceol Na Mara
IV22 2HZ