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Zone Update Your new site.


Zone Owner ⭐
Staff member
Oct 25, 2006
Hi all, this is going to be pretty long winded so bare with me...We now think we are about "there" with all we can do for now. We will of course continue to make The Zone one of the top boards outside of the Prem....There are certain bugs like the names in groups and other little annoying things we cannot alter until vB sort their lives out, so we have to live with them for now.

The Home Page:

The Owners promote all threads of any value each day and add them to the relevant boxes we have created there for future reference for you all....for example if you search "Match reports and ratings " you will see all of the reports in one thread....This goes for any thread that uses a prefix we have set in any forum.Any thread we feel is of topical value will be added...Please use the prefixes when posting something that is of current news or something we can add..We have set several boxes up to help with this.

*The bottom of the Home page is "dynamic" and will never line up as it depends on the feeds sent there,.

We have added in the SUFC box all links to official and non official websites that are SUFC related, including all OS news and links, Wiki and the great SUFC Data base.

We have added a dropdown box that will take you to all the other League 2 forums.

The Zone shop has a scrolling box and all the items in our shop will be updated within the next month or so.

The Youtube box is down to you guy's, you create them, they will be there.

The "Support of your Zone" donations box is obviously there and if you would like to help in the continuing growth of The Zone....all contributions are very welcome.

Recent posts are automatically posted to The Home Page.

There is a blog link in the Nav bar for you to see all those members that have created one..(or why not write one yourself)

The Forums:

This has changed so much is hard to know where to start..

We have added a full personal customised chat room....you make it look and feel to whatever suits your taste....This is already a huge success as seen on match days when fans cannot attend games.It is also a place for some good banter.

Twitter "Tweets" are now part of the board and again these are proving of great value to people that are neither at the game or on line with The Zone.

All Social Networks apps have been applied to the Forums and all have ShrimperZone Groups you can join.

Videos are now embedded into the forum instead of you having to post links.

The iphone/android facilities now make it easier to see the board in full.

We have created some sub-forums to make the board look tidier and to keep things more in place and we feel so far it is working well.

Other small changes that you see are more to do with how The Owners take info from the board and try to make it better for you all.

We made a huge decision at the beginning of August to try to encourage new Members to join the forums and this seems to have been a master-stroke as we have over 500 new members since then and they are contributing greatly to the new forums.


A few things are different....you can now edit your own user title in your profile, we thought this might add to a bit more humour.

You can make your own blog page and these to we will add to the Home page if we like them.

You can see others Rep as I have been asked about 1000 times ..Why, I do not know, but it is in all members profiles.*sigh*

We have also added 24 new smilies for you to use.:Goal:

There are 100's of differences to The Zone that make it a fully customised board.

I think that is about it people. A big thanks to SBH and our American friend KevinL for all there hard work.....Believe me this has been a huge project.

Any questions or problems, we are here to answer them.

Nov 4, 2003
I think that is about it people. A big thanks to SBH and our American friend KevinL for all there hard work.....Believe me this has been a project.

...and a very modest Cricko who's been the driving force behind all of it. Would have taken a hell of a lot longer to get things done without him and he's kept going long after I had to get on with my real job!! Cricko's been the real hero in all this and he's put in a huge amount of time and effort.

Now where's that group hug smiley?

Benfleet A1

Hector Of The House
Jan 19, 2007
Slade Prison
I'm not a great lover of change mainly because it takes me so sodding long to get used to the new way of doing things, however, even I like the new set up and find it Grouty friendly so large thumbs up from me. Great work chaps.


May 19, 2008
taken me a while to get used too and part of me misses the old look, but i cant for a moment grumble,
the commitment you guys make to the shrimperzone is commendable, and much appreciated by all im sure.


awesome stuff, the site is truly superb. Great work Cricko, and all the owners


Zone Owner ⭐
Staff member
Oct 25, 2006
Thanks guys, I am humbled by such nice words. It makes all the time and effort I put in all worthwhile:smiles:

There is more to come,but it will take time.

BTW, if you wish to use the Blog facility it would be great to add some new articles you create to the Home Page.


Jedi Shrimper

formerly Drastic™
Jan 10, 2008
Well Done Cricko, SBH and everyone involved, the site looks & works fantastic.



The Man from across The Pond
Aug 1, 2010
John has had some great ideas for me to implement and many more to come too. With the software and site maturing ShrimperZone will only get better in the years to come :)

This is a great bunch! It has been a great honor to help out around here.



Uncle Leo

This cook is an anti-semite
Nov 19, 2003
NY Parks Dept
so bare with me...

Hmm, no thanks John. :puke