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  1. Kenny

    We went into the valleys and slayed the giants

    Wow, as the hangover has lifted it has finally sunk in that we bloody did it! Although I always followed the Blues fortunes since childhood I didn't really see many games, even when I started work at 17. I actually started to goto to every home game from the middle of 98/99 onwards so...
  2. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings

    Bloody rubbish, these non-league players. They're maybe players... maybe good, maybe not. No guarantee they'll do anything at all... Well, that's the quickest goal I've ever seen. Difficult to describe really... it all happened so quick. I was just aware that we went...
  3. Top Salesman!!??

    Great blurb from e-bay. Like the "Infamous" quote, but was this really voted best ever shirt from lower divisions? Magnificent? The more I read it the more I think he's 'avin a laff! *ULTRA RARE* SOUTHEND UNITED HOME FOOTBALL SHIRT + 1997/1998 + RELEGATION SEASON COLLECTORS ITEM This...
  4. First Game of the Season

    Blues opening games since 1990:- 1990/1 - Huddersfield Town (A) - Won 2-1 (Edwards, Angell) 1991/2 - Bristol City (H) - Drew 1-1 (Benjamin) 1992/3 - Newcastle United (A) - Lost 2-3 (Martin, Benjamin) 1993/4 - Nottingham Forest (H) - Drew 1-1 (Sussex) 1994/5 - Millwall (A) - Lost 1-3 (Iorfa)...
  5. Anybody Want To Learn An Obscure Language?

    As my dear old mother hails from Northern Scotland and Scots Gaelic is actually her first language I took up the offer to learn the lingo myself. Primarily, it must be said, to have a pop at people in remote Ross & Cromarty pubs when they were talking about an Englishman walking into their...
  6. GNH


    A man enters a confessional and says to the Irish Priest "Father, it has been one month since my last confession. I've had sex with Fannie Green every week for the last month." The Priest tells the sinner, "You are forgiven. Go out and say three Hails Mary's'.&quot...
  7. Julian Hails

    What ever happend to Julian Hails the blues legend? Everyone remeber that fantastic own goal he scored at Roots Hall the season we got relegated to Division 3. Side volley into the bottom left hand corner of the North bank net! Classic! Wheres Julian!?!