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Distribution from defense!


Apr 3, 2007
Last night was probably one of the most embaressing passing displays from a centre back pairing in a long time. It also reminded me of the slump we had last season where we played awlful football and never loooked like winning resulting to the long ball every game.

Every time clarke and barrett got the ball they wanted to launch it straight up to furlong. On SOOOOO many occasions last night harding was pulling wide in loads of space and barrett didn't even acknowledge him being there, and resulted to launching it up the pitch and us losing the ball.

Clarke was the same although 3 of our best chances did come from balls over the top from him, but i must have counted 14 or 15 times when he hit a ball to long to no body and about 8 or 9 that went straight off the pitch.

I know it is early days but they need to correct this, there was also a couple of occasions when we gave the ball away in the middle of the park from barrett try to play a pass through about 6 opposition players to the striker the ball was then cut out and cheltenham were on the attack and nearly scored on a couple of the occasions.

It is such a simple part of the game to correct. They are both experienced and they are bothpretty comfortable on the ball, so why not just keep it pasing around the defense for a bit, get midfielders to show and wait for the gaps to open. Not just get the ball and lump it as quick as possible! itis boring to watch and makes us loook like a very poor footballing team, which we are not!!!


Jun 28, 2007
I think that defensively, they have been spot on in the last 2 games (let down last night from a lack of protection from the cm pair) and I like the way they drive forward when they can as that takes the pressure off us sometimes. I agree that there distribution is mixed but at least that is something which can be worked on and I am sure they will


mine to stay the same please
Aug 30, 2005
makes us loook like a very poor footballing team, which we are not!!!
Which we are in danger of becoming. The people that always were looking to pass, Maher and Gower, have gone. If Moose and Grant or whoever are playing in midifeld, dont demand the ball, I fear Clarke and Barret will keep hoofing. Remonds of the Alvin Martin days