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Handing in ones notice

Handed in my notice at my only non Railway job - a hideous place. Didn't last the rest of the day - left that day with a months salary in my pocket. With any luck its gone under.

Repulsive company.
Has anyone got any good stories or had a result such as being placed on gardening leave?

I resigned in Jan of this year. Worked around 2 weeks of my 3 month notice period and was then put on gardening leave. Before I resigned I cancelled all my annual leave that was booked in the system so I got that paid as well. Gardening leave has to be the best job I've ever had.
I was puton gardening leave for 12 weeks a few years ago, right over summer too. Then I got a job, worked over winter and got made redundant when company was bought out, and despite only being there 8 months got a 7 grand payout, so had another 3 months off over that summer. Decided I best get a job so applied and got one within 2 days, worked there for the winter, it was an awful company so in March I quit and gave them 3 months notice and then had another 3 months off, again over summer .

Ive sadly been employed for 2 years solid and have had to work the last two summers which is a shame :smile:
A colleague's partner handed in his notice late June and was put on gardening leave for a month. This coincided with the really good weather we had in July. He spent the entire time in the sun doing sweet FA.
The other half took and accepted VEDs (voluntary redundancy) from the Prison Service back in April, promptly decided he wasn't going to keep going in feeling ill like he had been with cluster headaches for months and months with absolutely no gratitude. Was signed off sick for 2 weeks, then another 2 weeks, then 4 weeks....ended up going back to work for 1 day where they got so fed up of him behaving like a **** winding everyone else up as he was into final countdown mode and making supposedly superior officers look like incompetent idiots with their inability to make snap decisions, that he was put on gardening leave (albeit only 3 days) until his final day!

So, basically, he's been at home since April! :smiles:
Got 6 months notice of redundancy about 3 years ago. Worked the first 3 months and was given gardening leave for the last 3 months. Didn't take any leave in that time so cleaned up there on top of a generous payout. Less than 18 months later i was back doing the same job as a contractor and a year later still spinning it out!
Back in the mid 1990's a guy handed me his resignation that started .... "It is with great pleasure that I give you my resignation and in 4 weeks time leave for a better job...."

He was given no gardening leave , made to take his holiday and spent a lot of time doing the work no one wanted to do. I cannot comment on the reference I gave for his new employer!
What happens when you resign from working in a gardening centre ?!

The *******s expect you to work twice as hard for your notice period, so it's left in a nice state for your replacement.

The reality is you amble about making notes and chatting to suppliers to aid your following job
Quit my job earlier this year, I'd been there 10 years. I'd had 2 weeks off sick and when I went back they told me "I hadn't been missed", trying to scare me into working harder despite the fact I was already doing 2 people's jobs where they hadn't replaced someone who left. Nothing has given me more pleasure than handing in my notice the next day and seeing the shocked look on their faces.
I worked for a classical record label last year and was bored out of my mind. I found some legal documents that were 20 years old were they were suing Orbital for uncleared samples and the paperwork contained comparisons by musicologists and sound wave charts, etc. I took the classical CD home and listened to that and Orbital together and was genuinely interested for the 1st time in 18 months of being there. I figured that was the interest peak so I quit the next day.

I also was made redundant from a restaurant that is popular with Premier footballers and film starts - I wrote a 5 page '**** you' to the FD and then sued them for £4k and I'd only been there a year. The revenge tasted sweeter than their blue fin tuna.