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The Business
Oct 25, 2003
In a world of my own.
Morning All,

Where is everyone off this summer and if you had to take one of the Blues players with you who would you take and why?

The Mrs and I have got seven weddings over the summer and along with all the stags and do's etc that come with than and coupled with my self employment and young kids we have decided to go away in December instead.

However we are gatecrashing my old mans Dorset retreat for a long weekend in July. I have thought long and hard about which player I would take with me and I have decided its got to be Chris Barker.

As a Dad (I am guessing) he will understand that I cant keep the kids quiet all the time. I imagine he would be quite happy to help me take the kids swimming and then have a quiet beer at the Chalet with Dad and I at the end of the evenning.

I did contemplate taking Moshni and showing him what a good old British holiday looks like but I thought he might be a bit too wild for the kids and so in the end Barker gets my vote.


The Horse with no Name⭐
Oct 27, 2003
The wilds of Kent
I had a think and I think of the current crop Coughlan's good with the kids; seems like he has a few tales. From the old days, well, Ronnie Whelan would be annoying, with his accent/drinking/everyone recognising him; Stan the Man wouldn't leave any car parks alone; Tilly would be pining for Brushy; I would go for Scott Forbes; he can bring his guitar and we can reminisce about the good old days.


Youth Team
Jul 1, 2010
Current crop it would have to be Easton likes a bit of banter but then we could relax around the pool and talk football. Players gone from the hallowed turf it would be Mr Eastwood would get him drunk take him to the local hypnotist who would convince him he had to return to play for Southend immediately and he would be willing to play for free.

yogi bear up the cagire

Life President⭐
May 8, 2008
St Gaudens France
I'd certainly want one with good connections, not one that made odd noises, didn't come across clearly and kept going off all the time. Stupid question anyway...............................................what's the point of taking a Blues Player on your Summer Holidays when there's no bloody football to listen to?


Youth Team
Aug 7, 2010
The North Bank
I think I would go for Johnny Herd...

That long throw would come in handy when getting the chilled beers from the fridge to the pool side where I would be lounging :cool:


Clohessy and Crawford, because they're ugly enough to be my wingmen.


Youth Team
Sep 12, 2008
It has to be Bilel as a "thank you" for winning me loads of money when scoring the first goal against Macclesfield.I managed to get a bet on him at 33/1 even though he was playing up front! Also Bilel would be handy for driving home from the pub as he doesn't drink! Not sure what his driving is like,though:unsure:

FD Shrimper

Aug 10, 2009
I can tell you Bilel's driving leaves a lot to be desired, he's already had a couple of scrapes since living in Southend.