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Massimo Giovanni

Old Timer⭐⭐
Good running wishes to El Tango, Mr Phil Brown for his 26.2 mile debut around London.
I am sure he will start at the VIP start and be interviewed on his way around.
Will he beat Gordon Ramsey? unlikely as Gordon is younger and experienced at this.

Also making his VLM debut is Ricey; running for a forces backed dog's charity.

Best regards to all runners and I hope to see you around the course or on the TV highlights.
Good luck Phil, it really is no mean feat running a marathon. I hope he raises a lot for his chosen charities.
PB's time: 4hrs 37mins. Great effort and well done. Now for the physio.

If you're waiting for Ben Clarkson's time you could be waiting a long time I'm thinking:winking:
Interestingly there were two Phil Browns running the marathon. Their times for half way were:


(The faster one seems to be our PB, who ended up finishing 34 minutes and 36 seconds after the other one...)
PB's time: 4hrs 37mins. Great effort and well done. Now for the physio.

Well done Phil, congrats on completing the job!


I understand that he has been suffering from a hip related injury/issue which no doubt hampered progress and slowed the time. Always thought 2.45 target (quoted on another thread a few weeks ago, but not sure if that came from Phil) seemed mighty ambitious. I run 3-4 half marathons a week and doing each in 1.35ish is not easy...2.45 for your first (I believe) full mar at 55 is asking a little too much!

Well done again Phil. One more key job to get done:thumbsup:
Tremendous effort and going sideways as well*

Seriously, great stuff and total respect!

*Pretend this was posted in early March!
PB's time: 4hrs 37mins. Great effort and well done. Now for the physio.

Excellent time for someone his age. He will be walking down the stairs backwards tomorrow!. Ran it 3 times 87/88/89, best time 3hrs 7 mins, but i was in my 30's then.
Could'nt do it now, knees had it, although managed Southend 1/2 Marathon last year!.
He beat me by 23s. Hope he's feeling better than me tho - he has a big week coming up :stunned:

To complete a marathon with minimum problems, you need to be running at least 50 miles a week. I ran 13 of them, 30 plus half's, 15 & 10 milers plus 10k's. Very hard work, but very rewarding when achieving good times.
Well done daveydiamond.
Well done to all those linked with the Zone in whatever way, including our own Ricey for their achievements in the London Marathon today!