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What will Moussa and O'Keefe do ?


Im really on the edge of my seat on what Frank Moussa will do !

Last season I thought him and Grant were a good combination in midfield and though Moussa played best on the LM. With McCormack & Francis going to Charlton do you think Moussa will join them or will Sturrock convince him to stay another Season ?

With O'keefe I think he is a young prospect who looks like he could be a very good player ?! With him being very good friends with Herd will he stay and see what happens till January or will he go ?

Whats your opinion ?

By the way this is my first post and I dont know how to do this Post's very well so could u tell me if ive done something wrong ?! Thanks SUFC94 :)
Welcome to ShrimperZone SUFC94.
For a first post it is fine. First of many I hope.
As for O'Keefe and Moussa, forget them. They do not want to play for our club. They have their reasons, you can't blame them, and the sooner they find another club, the better.
would love to see young Moussa in a CCC squad - pure class and potential

OKeefe is a talented young player not quite ready for a full season (unlike Moussa who started every game when available) but almost there - would think he would be a good investment for anyone in League One -

would be sad to see you go but hope you get every penny your owed - I wouldn't hang around if I was you

O'keefe looks far too weak , probably end up somewhere like grays .
Moussa might posibly have something but seems to drift in and out of games , therefore cant see him lasting long at any decent club . Think he will just drift from club to club and never really live up to expectations .
Moussa...I don't blame him if he goes but I'd love him to stay, I feel his heart is at Southend!

well thats not true. he has publically said on a number of occassions that he wanted to leave. including new players. my respect for him is gone. no matter what has happened he shouldnt bad talk sufc to future players
Shouldn't this be in ex-Shrimpers? OK they're technically still here but they'll never play for us again
Peter Pans usually hire a few over the Summer period... O'Keefe would fit in well there, I'd imagine...
The rumour Ive heard is that Moussa is on the verge of a move to Crystal Palace, Dougie and AB connections of course. Someone else has told me QPR are interested. It seems fairly certain Franck will be moving before the season kicks off.
Lets just hope we get more than some cones and a bag of balls for him at the tribunal.
i personally want Mousse to stay, ive always admired his role for Southend and i think he will do really well in league 2 with us, him and Grant in Midfield in league 2 will give teams something to think about
If people will read what I've written, he's gone.

And we're not entitled to a fee/a tribunal/a sell on.
If Moussa does end up at Palace then it really will be an old boys club. O'Keefe should complete his move there shortly.