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  1. Cricko

    Zone Update Our new site

    Hi all, just keeping you all in the loop. You have seen me drumming on about us having to move sites long enough. Before the new season starts we will have a new site, no longer a vBulletin site but an upgraded new one to Xenforo who are based in the UK and are lead by a guy who built vB a long...
  2. fbm

    A "Before they were famous" XI

    There's probably a bit more leeway here... so, players who we "discovered", so to speak. They could be kids through the academy that went on to be big name players, youngsters who blossomed after they left us or just players who were poor/average until they came into their own having...
  3. fbm

    A "Past their Prime" XI

    So, players who were once pretty good and who have played for us either at the tail end of their careers or at any rate, past their prime... What's the best side we can put out? Improvements to the below squad welcomed. Neville Southall Chris Ramsey Frank Lampard Christian Dailly Michael...
  4. Shrimpers are Magic

    The two first names eleven!

    Players with two first names anyone? Appreciate the need to get out more but how about... Ryan Leonard Paul Clark Dave Martin and Simon Francis for starters
  5. Ricky Otto

    Your Non-football sporting hero?

    We were discussing at work our sporting heroes and it was pretty much all footballers and from the clubs we support, which was a bit boring and predictable. So then we changed it to "non-football" and it was really quite interesting. So lets hear your non-football sporting heroes and the reason...
  6. OldBlueLady

    Annual "Guess our 1st match" thread

    Ok, it's that time of year again folks, usual stuff - predict who we'll have in our 1st match of the 2018/19 league season. No doubling up until/unless every team has been taken, home and away. Just for fun, no prizes, - unless Cricko wants to chuck in a Wiggle it mug (if there are any left?)...
  7. Napster

    Best XI of players with 2 or more spells with us

    Any upgrade on the below? I've got Edwards at RB and Barrett LB and it's a 4-3-3 formation., Cawston (78-83; 84-85) Prior (89-93; 04-07) Edwards (89-95; 04-06) Clark (76-77; 82-91) Barrett (04-10; 15-17) McCormack (2005 (loan); 07-10) Timlin (2010; 11-18) Kightly (03-05; 17-present) Eastwood...
  8. A great Kit Quiz

    There's a great Kit Quiz on the official site. I got 7 out of 8. Can anyone get 8? https://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/2018/june/blues-friday-quiz3/
  9. Ref Watch New League Referee .....

    Particular congratulations to one of the small number of new referees promoted to referee on the Football League from next season. He is Matt Donohue, previously of this parish but more recently from the Stockport Referees Association. He will be known to many on here. We are unlikely to be...
  10. smudger66

    Season Review Videos

    All, I am having a clear out and have season review videos from 89-90 season through to 95-96 season inclusive. Is anyone interested in purchasing? I appreciate they are videos, but it is easy to have them transferred to DVD and it would be criminal you throw them out.
  11. Evening Echo

    Breaking News Oxley Signs 3 Year Deal

    SOUTHEND United chairman Ron Martin feels the Shrimpers have offered Mark Oxley the best contract for a goalkeeper in League One. More...
  12. manor15

    Breaking News Timlin and Fortune depart

    Now covered by Echo. Two superb pros. Gutted to lose Tims, few have given as much as he has and been a great servant for the club and I think he could still have offered us something. Shame on the club for letting him depart in this way after all he’s given over 8 years. Also means that...
  13. Napster

    David Webb

    Nice interview from December in 2017 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5141833/Chelseas-1970-FA-Cup-winner-David-Webbs-One-11.html
  14. Uncle Leo

    World Cup betting

    SkyBet are offering money back - as a free bet, up to £10 - on any losing bets on the World Cup winner. Definitely have to give that a go - I've already had a bet on France, may hold my nose and have a tenner on Germany (love the country, admire the football team, but hate seeing them win)
  15. Agm

    To those that can attend please note it's tonight at 730 Civic Centre
  16. Tommy2holes

    Games or goals you wished were on video but sadly aren't.

    So many great games over the years. Sadly not many great games or goals available to watch. Which games or goals would you love to see again. Who knows, maybe some of them will surface with help from fellow zoners. I'd love to see highlights of our promotion game at Swanseas liberty stadium.
  17. 2015 Playoffs walkout

    So, did you?
  18. Ricey

    Memory Lane Everyone just take a minute to appreciate this..

    3 years ago today! https://youtu.be/BVUofqedcR0 One of the best days of supporting Southend!
  19. Napster

    Sam Barratt behind the scenes video

  20. Ticket Prices

    Hi guys, I'm focusing my research project on ticket prices in English football and to see how commercialisation of English football affects supporters in attending live football matches. May interest you that the Premier League (95%) has a higher attendance utilisation than Germany (90%)...