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  1. Tarquin Fauntleroy

    Guilty Pleasures

    Hey Chaps! What are your guilty pleasures? Any TV programmes, music, films, games, hobbies, food etc that may be considered 'uncool' or 'naff' that you actually like. It doesn't have to be sexual and preferably nothing weird or offensive. I'll start the ball rolling: - The Carpenters...
  2. Hobbies

    Right, I need something to do to occupy my time, so I'm just gauging what people do outside of SUFC & SZ so they don't die of boredom on a cold winter's afternoon in January.....
  3. We all have enough problems in life, so why do we do it to ourselves?

    After today's game, and looking back over the previous 800 or so I have attended, I asked myself that question (again!!) ....WHY? Aren't hobbies/pastimes etc meant to be enjoyable/fulfilling/rewarding etc etc? After most matches I leave RH with a banging headache, sore throat, and an overall...
  4. Pak Power

    RIP fellow shrimper Peter Mole

    It is with increasing regularity that we are losing fellow shrimpers, and it is with regret I have to announce another. Peter Mole season card holder in the East Greens, respected ex local estate agent retired (not many of those I know) enjoyed another of his favourite hobbies cycling. Lost his...
  5. Razam

    Anyone good at writing Business Proposals *cough-begging letter-cough*??

    I know the likelyhood of anyof these taking over is very remote, but....
  6. DTS

    Question Are you missing the football yet?

    Must be about a month or so since the football finished - probably more. Have you got withdrawl symptoms yet or not? What other exciting hobbies have you taken up to replace the Blues. Personally not really missed it that much as been having good times with the family and mates. That said sure...
  7. BNP Award Nominations 2008

    http://vice.typepad.com/vice_magazine/2008/11/london---bnp-aw.html THE MIND BOGGLES" AWARD: Mr Darren Charles. Activist. Membership suspended 20.9.05 (inappropriate tattoo). Suspension lifted 27.09.05 (WHAT WAS IT? A Dr. DRE TATTOO?) BEST EMAIL ADDRESS: Mr Tim Rudge...
  8. Angry.

    Well, I am sitting the BA lounge waiting for my return flight to Sao Paulo absolutely fuming after the antics of two brothers CSJ and TMWLT. As some of you may or may not know one of my hobbies is playing the drums in a band called the "British Bulldogs", we play at the Irish pubs in Sao Paulo...
  9. Westcliff Shrimper

    The Ref on Friday Night

    As one of my favourite hobbies is shouting abuse at the ref , I was pleasantly surprised at the performance of the man in the middle on Friday night. We can all agree that we have had some shocking referees at the Hall, but Mr Singh was very good - he let the game flow, and chose not to start...