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  1. Thatchers Children

    To save hi-jacking the Brexit thread I thought people might like to explain who they first voted for and why. Lets keep it to your personal reasons so no need to repeat to many grand and well covered anti Thatcher rants etc. I had left school in 1981 so my first vote was for Labour in 1983. If...
  2. Ricky Otto

    Cheltenham 2017

    Thought with Cheltenham being 8 days away I'd start a thread. A lot of the top horses out this year Annie Power, Thistlecrack, Faugheen, Min out and Valtour died. All would have been favourites. Makes for a more open festival though and I can only really see dead certs in Douvan and Altior...
  3. Helmand

    456 British soldiers killed in action for what exactly ! The Taliban now control 65% of the province,whilst Afghan commanders flog their weapons leaving their troops high and dry,drug cartels controlled by the Taliban all fight over the £2 billion pound a year opium industry,the generals now...
  4. Ron Manager

    Home Loan questions

    Been 8 years since I had any involvement in the UK mortgage industry and I know the whole industry has changed quite a bit since then, so wonder if anyone working in it (maybe as a broker) could answer my questions? We still own our home in Westcliff which is rented out, I figure about 50-60%...
  5. Headhunters

    Anyone moved role and had to deal with headhunters? Any tips/advice etc? I've worked in academia all my working life but giving a bit of thought about moving to a private firm. The industry is small but expanding and I'm in demand, and the headhunters who are routinely pestering me seem to...
  6. Mad Cyril

    Working hours

    Out of interest what are your working hours and industry. I write software for a bank on a freelance basis. I do 10.5 hours a day plus 1h 20 mins commute each way.
  7. Kent Shrimper

    We Will Rock You Parody

    Our industry (promotional merchandise) has a "week" each year to promote all that is great about branded giveaways. Everyone does there bit and this year the theme was Promotional Merchandise ROCKS. Here is my company's effort, what do you think? http://youtu.be/aWi7SHVtB0w
  8. Massimo Giovanni

    Soma Mine disaster

    200+ miners killed in a mile deep coal mining collapse in Turkey. For a town where mining is the job then the deaths and sorrow of the whole community must be overpowering. To be a mile under ground, trapped while the tunnel collapses and the oxygen runs out must be horrific. Cheaply mined coal...
  9. steveo

    Tories also responsible for.....

    UK unemployment rate drops to 7.1% IMF increases UK growth forecast Britain's car industry is booming I was hoping to post guardian links but they don't seem to report any good news.
  10. TrueBlue

    Outstanding Branding - A Special Thanks

    On behalf of TBV and I am sure many of you too I would like to thank and inform you that Kent Shrimper (Andy) his company Outstanding Branding has kindly donated 1,000 Balloons for Saturdays game, this is not the first time Andy has helped TBV and we can't that him enough. Andy has also helped...
  11. southend4ever

    Signing up to a Service

    Is anyone signed up to a service to receive tips? I have been on board with this for a week and a half and I have been making 2-3 bets per day in leagues all over the World at all different times of day. This is currently proving to be very profitable. It is the first time I have been betting...
  12. Animation created by my step son

    For your delectation....especially if you like your Anime stuff. If anyone has any ideas how he get a toe into this industry, let me know and I will be your bitchslave forever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GkIeylVs1LQ
  13. Social Care Proposals

    I'm really hoping someone can explain this to me because I don't understand it. Social care (excluding accommodation costs) will be capped at £75k per person and additional help will be provided for those with assets worth less than £123k. Any additional cost will be picked up by the taxpayer...
  14. Cricko

    Zone Update Outstanding Branding Sponsorship

    We are pleased to announce that Andy (Kent Shrimper) has agreed to continue to advertise and sponsor the Zone for another 12 months and we thank him very much for his support. His company recently won a highly prestigious award and was named Distributor of the year in his category. His...
  15. Shale Gas/Fracking

    Finally the government has done something that might actually encourage growth. There is an abundance of shale gas in the North of England. It has the potential to dramtically reduce energy prices and also reduce carbon emissions since gas power generation emits a lot less carbon than coal. In...
  16. Drive to work - how far would you be willing to travel?

    I don't often post on here but I have read most threads daily since about 2003. Background I have recently taken a job in Cambridge by the airport there. I had to take this job as my girlfriend has worked for bio tech companies in Cambridge since May 2011 and she is qualified in bio chemistry...
  17. Crabby Shrimper

    The Rail Network

    Now, this is something that's had me thinking for a while. I'd say it's pretty obvious that the current rail network isn't that great. Too expensive, too much overcrowding, lots of places isolated etc. So, what's the solution? In the early 60s Beeching was appointed to look at the financial...
  18. OldBlueLady

    RIP Andy Williams

    One of the great singers, a gentle melodic style, and obviously Tinks will know as well as I do, a great supporter of the young Osmond brothers in their rise through the music industry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hFXy7nc-P8
  19. Onion_Bag_Dave

    Looking for writers for Music Social Networking Site

    Hello, I own a Music Networking site called Music Gaff. We promote bands, artists, businesses, DJ's, producers etc for free on our site and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter which have collectively over 7,000 users. We also provide a platform for experienced and non...
  20. Mad Cyril

    Anyone here work in the gaming industry?

    Does anyone here work in the gaming industry?