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  1. Inflatables and beachwear at Crewe

    Need a theme for the day and I suggest INFLATABLES and as we are Southend I think it should be beachwear Any other ideas
  2. Cricko

    Pre-Match Thread Southend United v Morecambe

    Right lets 'ave it. Don't forget people that although there will be lots of freebies given away tomorrow it would be great if people could also bring their own, *Balloons *Streamers *Confetti *Flags *Bam-Bams *Horns (not compressed gas ones) *Inflatables (not balls unfortunately - FL ruling)...
  3. Cricko

    Morecambe Mania

    Unfortunately our intrepid leader Smiffy has decided that his belated Honeymoon was more important than attending this game, shocking behaviour if you ask me, but alas we mere mortals are left to raise the spirits for Saturday. He has written this: As we are sure you are aware, the Southend v...
  4. Question Southampton away

    Who is going Southampton on saturday? Has everyone got there fancy dress, balloons and inflatables sorted?
  5. TrueBlue

    Beach Party Oldham?

    Going down I suppose but anybody up for a Beach Party at Oldham like last year? Hawian shirts inflatables etc..?
  6. Slipperduke

    Black Cats Deserve Credit

    What's the saddest thing about 'Ballon-Gate'? Nope, it's not the nagging suspicion that only a handful of referees ever read their ruleback all the way to the end, nor is it the damage caused to Liverpool's title hopes by one of their own fans. It's the complete absence of credit given to...
  7. Slipperduke

    The Ballad of Balloon Boy

    No matter how lethargic and fuzzy-headed you feel this Monday morning, no matter how unenthusiastic you were about the idea of leaving your bed, console yourself with the knowledge that at least one person out there is having it worse than you. Somewhere, presumably on Merseyside, one little boy...
  8. OldBlueLady

    Zone Update Oldham Fun Day

    As most of you are aware the preferred theme for our last Away Day of the season at Oldham is Beach Party - dress optional....well, sort of, if you want to be minimalist then the choice is yours, wouldn't advise taking the nudist approach though – it ain’t Brighton! Bring your own inflatables...
  9. Scamps

    Anything planned for TELFORD???

    Are we planning anything for Telford??? Fancy dress?... Or try and get as many inflatables as we can... Can we take flags and drums? Be good to do something.
  10. Gillingham

    When I went to Wales v England everyone brought inflatable sheep and threw them round for most of the game funny as. I reckon we should do something like this at Gillingham but just bring random inflatables like crocodiles, pigs, beach balls, etc! What does everyone think anyone up for doing it?
  11. shrimperman

    inflatable crocodile?

    My mate came back from aus a few months back bearing gifts! no not gold, frankincense and myrrh but a 6ft+ inflatable crocodile! whilst on many boards people have been talking about inflatables just wanted the opinion as to whether i should bring it or not? will i look like an idiot or...