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mark phillips

  1. DTS

    Blair Sturrock

    Fellow Posters, Got to say I thought he was excellent saturday. I cant help but think if he wasnt the managers son he would get a lot more praise. I thought he held the ball up so well, showed some really intelligent touches to bring others in and did the dirty job upfront on his own well. I...
  2. Cricko

    TV Highlights Southend United v Torquay

    2 great goals...:smiles: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_3/8970588.stm
  3. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Joe Sibley v Harry Threadgold 1:4 - poll now added

    Sibley v Threadgold. Post your stories and the poll will follow tomorrow. I'm sure BlueBloodUSA will be relieved that this isn't a night fixture for his man.
  4. TrueBlue

    Harry Crawford

    How is he getting on?
  5. If we signed a decent striker in January...

    ...would this be too late to change the course of our season? Ok so this might seem a strange time to post this after a great performance from the lads yesterday. In the first half yesterday we had a spell where we created numerous chances and played some great football and did well to go in at...
  6. Yesterday's Match Day programme.

    Blair "Rambo" Sturrock kitted out for Cammo Day. :) If themed covers and photoshoots are to be the order of the day for themed matches throughout the season I bet there are straws being drawn in the dressing room over who will be the "lucky" cover stars for the Cartoon and Kung Fu games...
  7. Magnum PI

    Thoughts from Torquay Fans Forum

    Had a quick look today on the rival fans forum:- In a nutshell ......... Re: FL2: Southend v Torquay Utd 4th Sept 2010 « Reply #71 Today at 8:52am » Good point about Danny there Simon - the lad Clohessy really impressed me a couple of seasons ago at Salisbury, and I remember Merse remarking...
  8. Josh Simpson must play CM

    Fairly simple and obvious I would have thought. I said it after the Wolves game (where he played on the wing, but it was obvious he wanted to creep inside) and after yesterdays sterling performance, it should be plain to see he's a key player, who, when played in the centre can be the difference...
  9. wiggy

    Corr had a massive punch up in training.....

    is the injury thing a smoke screen? Don't know who with but punches were flying one day training this week, elaborate anyone as my spy was at a distance but was pulled apart by the others!
  10. Ryan Hall

    I have had the pleasure of watching Ryan play for Bromley for the past 3 seasons, you have got one exceptional talent on board he was class at our level Seems like he is starting to show what he is all about judging by the posts on today’s game, once he gets his fitness up to standard...
  11. Ron Manager

    Attention creative types

    Saw this as a signature on a general football forum - Now I'm no Arsenal fan at all but I did like it. Imagine how great it would be to do something similar with Southend United...Collymore alongside Powell alongside Best etc etc..? Someone out there must have the skills to produce it...
  12. Jack The Flag

    The Blue Voice Atmosphere v Torquay

    TrueBlue asked me to write this and a video of today will be uploaded tomorrow. Today atmosphere, well what can you say! :happy: It was superb, we sang our hearts out for 90 minutes and it seems to have paid off. TrueBlue kept it going along with Smiffy fabulous drumming skills, One note ...
  13. Cricko

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 2-1 Torquay

    Post your Match Reports and Ratings here please.
  14. Official Match Thread Southend United vs Torquay United

    Seeing as there's not one yet.... Southend: Glenn Morris, Sean Clohessy, Peter Gilbert, Josh Simpson, Bilel Mohsni, Anthony Grant, Craig Easton, Ryan Hall, Louie Soares, Blair Sturrock, Chris Barker. Subs: Graham Coughlan, Matt Paterson, Sofiene Zaaboub, Adam Bouzid, Rhys Evans, Scott Spencer...
  15. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Mike Beesley v Trevor Roberts 1:3 - poll now added

    Our third clash sees two players who I think were team-mates, goalkeeper Trevor Roberts and inside forward Mike Beesley. Post your cases for them, and a poll will follow later, but if you can't wait to cast your vote, you can always vote on McAlinden v McCrory or Anderson v Watson
  16. cerbera45

    Has anybody still not received their season card?

    I know somebody that received somebody else's by mistake
  17. Mad Cyril

    Worst club shop item.

    Does anyone remember the SUFC branded mountain bikes (Universal I believe) that used to be on sale in the club shop. Did anyone buy one and if so did your son/daughter start crying when they received it as a Christmas/birthday gift?
  18. Cammo Day

    It's cammo day at the Hall tomorrow. Anyone coming to the game in army gear or putting on the war paint? Great cause Help for Heroes but not sure I'll fit into my cadet uniform anymore.
  19. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Sandy Anderson v Peter Watson Rd 1:2 - poll now added

    Our second tie is a rarity as defenders are rarely recognised, but it sees two defenders go against each other: the long-serving Sandy Anderson against the classy Peter Watson. Usual rules apply, I'll add a poll once I've given people a chance to put their cases forward and to wax lyrically on...
  20. So, who met Chris last night?

    Who went to meet the players last night then? And who saw Barker? I'm so jealous, wanted to go :( Bet he looked beautiful as ever...!